Monday, October 30, 2023

Your own teacup and saucer


from the graphic fairy

A quote I heard this week that I just love. It reminds me to take care of myself in the midst of daily living.

"Keep your own cup filled, then you can give from your saucer" - the unexpected gypsy

She goes on to share how the heart pumps blood for itself first, before it gives blood to the rest of the body. 

Just fascinating.

Have a blessed day.


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Autum Blessings and what we have been up to


This Blue, trying to help with the table linen change I do on Mondays.

Hello Ladies,

It has been a bit, but I am often thinking of things to write about. I lead such an ordinary life, I thought, until I share with folks what I do and they tell me I'm too old fashioned or that I am a modern Laura Ingalls. Ha, no. I'm not. I'm just me. 

It has been a very busy last few months here with various medical necessities for family, and just getting older. 

Recently I wondered if my little blog has a place with all the activity people do on YT, but I realized YES! Because not everyone wants to sit and get caught in the YT algorithm. 

This past year, my one New Year's goal was to not purchase anything from Amazon. It lasted until September when I needed a braided rug to match the others and the company is now only selling that one on Amazon. Goofy!

Just last week I broke it again and ordered an air fryer. Since my husband and I are now trying to watch our diet I thought I'd try this.  I hear it's the next best thing to sliced bread. Since we have very few stores within an hour's drive I turn to stores online. I just wish they offered the air fryer I wanted.

We managed to get new flooring this summer. I thought taking out 20 year old carpet and putting in laminate flooring would be wonderful. It's beautiful no doubt, but as you can see by the picture above, I have a kitten. Actually 2 kittens. They are both Ragdolls and the fluff that rolls on the floor, whew! I've invested in the Wooly Mop. Love it!

Tomorrow we are getting a water softener for the first time. Since we live out in the country our well water is so very hard. The water office says it's Extreme. After 10 yrs and so many clothes and towels just rotting I finally just had to do it. We are choosing the potassium type though so I can still water my little garden.

Speaking of gardening, I had a good garden this summer. My husband put up a wind break between our house and the shop building where my garden beds are. It worked! After all these years gardening in Colorado I finally was able to grow some things. Now my next quest is what to do to prevent aphids on my kale. 

Due to the high winds we get, the high elevation and the dry air gardening is a challenge here. I've learned from a few seasoned gardeners here that each year can be different, so don't depend on what you learned last year. This summer was true for that tip. We had 30 degree nights all through June, and a chilly rainfall in late September gave us a dusting of snow on the mountain tops. A very short summer I'd say.

I hope you are all well. I am trying to learn how to upload photos from my camera so I can share a bit more of what I'm doing to manage our home in this season. 

Blessings to you,


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Wishing you Christmas blessings

 Hello Ladies,

It's that time of year that I find myself looking back and thinking of the things I've done, not done and still want to do. Sharing our Christmas is one of those things that I want to do.

My husband is very busy with our Church this time of year since we have several services to accommodate so many people. While he is coming and going I find such joy in making sure he has a hot meal, and I've taken care of our kittens and the house. Usually I sprinkle in some puttering too. 

Our youngest daughter (34) came up to share Christmas lunch with us. It was so much fun to hear all that she has going on. After lunch she drove back to her home, about 45 min from us, and we did another Christmas tradition.

Took a nap!

It was a quiet lovely day.

Today we woke to snow, and more snow.  I am sharing what we looked out to see this morning and our tree this year.  

The tree outside is a real one that didn't get used inside. Kittens. I will just say that.  

I like to put lights on it for the first day of Winter to remind us that Christ is our light. From the first day of Winter forward, the days are getting brighter. Just as Christ is in our hearts, the more we spend time reading what examples He gave, learning how to apply it to our life and doing God's will for us the brighter our hearts become.

Merry Christmas and Happy Epiphany (we celebrate that too, since that's the end of the Christmas season (12 days after Christmas) when the Wise men came.) 

Mrs Peterson

Our tree is a memory tree. Each ornament is from something we have done, somewhere we lived, or something that represented a major event from that year. It's always a joy to put our tree up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Managing my Larder

image from Graphics Fairy

Hello Ladies~

This topic of Food and Larder will be in two posts, as this one is already a bit long. May my system bless you in some way.

Today I want to share how I manage our Larder.  

We believe in storing some , but not a ton. I like to call it a "prudent reserve."

The Bible speaks of the virgins and their oil lamps, and then there is the man who hoarded everything and sat back on his laurels.  As some point we have to Trust in the One who gives all this to us in the first place.

Stocking my Larder: Every now and then we are blessed with a bit of extra money, and it goes towards purchasing a larger amount of something I am working towards. 

Usually though, I set aside a portion of my weekly budget towards my Larder upkeep. 

I am able to keep track of those items, as they are separate, by putting those in the child's seat area, next to my list.  This way I can keep track of my budget for those separate from my weekly shopping. I pay for it all together, but it helps me to visually see what is stock and what is weekly.

Many years ago I found this system using the months assigned as a way to know what to work on that month:

Jan - Milk  Beverages  Water

Feb - Breakfast food

Mar - Toiletries  Cleaning Products

April - Legumes/Beans  Sweeteners  Soups/Meals

May - Condiments

June - Grains   Vitamins/Herbs

July - Snacks

Aug - Vegis  Fruit

Sept - Meats (canned and frzn)

Oct - Oils/Fats

Nov - Paper/Plastic

Dec - Baking/Spices   

Folks buy things on sale to stock their Larder, but I have found that the breakdown's listed above usually are on sale that month. ie - December baking so baking supplies and spices are in abundance and on sale.

I hope it makes a little sense. As homemakers we each have our own system. I have developed this after over 20 years of managing our Larder. 

Oh, just wanted to add that I don't go to the extreme long term thing. Just a couple months so as to get us through if we have too much snow, or some crazy world wide virus happens ;-)   Beyond that, my faith says to trust in Him. I provide what I can, and trust He will bless my efforts and provide us with what we need.

Peace be with you,

Mrs Peterson

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Keeping up with the closet

Courtesy of Graphics Fairy

Hello Ladies~

This week I want to share how I keep my clothing uncluttered and manageable.  Confession here, I've never been a shoor having so many clothes they don't fit in my closet. I've just never been that kind of gal. If this is you and you want a different perspective, I encourage you to continue reading and consider the possibility of Courtney Carver's 3.33 challenge.

When my husband and I first did the 3.33 Challenge 10 years ago, it was eye opening for me.

First, being the retired Marine he is, he got out a notebook and a pen and made a list of the items he would use and roughly what he would need for the next 3 months. Then separated all his clothing into 3 piles: love & use, like and sometimes use, and don't wear - needs repaired- doesn't fit categories. Proceeded to sort through while considering his list and was done in 30 minutes.

I, on the other hand.  I pulled out all my clothes in the forementioned 3 piles and started to make decisions. I got about 3 items into it and my brain froze, I had a melt down and then felt ashamed. I was so attached to my clothing and I never knew it. 

Now I am a Christian woman who always try to keep material things in perspective. My Journey here on earth is only temporary.  So I KNOW all these clothes will not get me to heaven.

Yet I sat on the floor sobbing. 

Mainly because I realized how attached I was and how difficult it was to make the decision to let things go. 

I finally pulled up my bootstraps, had a conversation with the Lord, and went back to work with the mindset that some of my items will bless someone else.

Knowing many of these clothing items, especially the ones from first date 33 years ago!, are only taking up space and moving with me all over. I would happen to come across one of those memory items while changing out seasonal clothes, notice it and say "oh, isn't that neat. I remember when I wore that." Then have a lovely time down memory lane.

I have learned to keep the 1 or 2 items that are truly meaningful, but not all 20. By letting go of the other 18 I felt a freedom and a sense of doing the right thing. 

The right thing being, making room in my heart for Jesus and not filling my heart with a love for clothing that can't be satisfied.

I never did the 33 portion, but I did do 50. It was remarkable how choosing clothes in the evening for the next day was so stress free it almost felt like I was missing something. I was! Stress of choices.

Today, I still do a modified version of 3.33. Every 3 months I take all my clothes and look at what I haven't worn in the past year or 2 and remove it. Then any item that I feel any kind of "eh, it's ok", out ya go! When I get down the the rest, I try to pray about what items I truly need and count roughly to 50 including my jackets for the season. 

It always amazes me how full my closet is, then after I remove the extras how much space there is. Hangers can actually move rather then fighting with the hooks to get them in just right.

Most of my clothing shopping is boutique or consignment shopping. Some items I only buy new. Such as undergarments, pajamas, and shoes.  That is a non-negotiable for me.

Any new items have to be on sale. A recent example is Eddie Bauer has long sleeve t-shirts that I wear under all my sweaters throughout the winter. They had a lovely green that was soft and yet enough color to go with almost any sweater I had. But it wasn't on sale. So I waited.

For 6 months!

It finally went on sale and I got the shirt, originally for $30, for $14, plus there was an additional discount that I qualified for. $12 total. Woo hoo!

I love a deal.

It's always fun to share this story. And yes, my husband does 3.33 for the most part. In his way.

Have a lovely week. We are finally getting rain here, Thanks be to God. No water from the sky since the last snow in February until this past week. So  we are very grateful.

Peace be with you,
Mrs. Peterson

I will add update pictures when I get mine done this season ;-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Managing our things

Morning chat over breakfast

Hello Ladies,

Today I wanted to share what I do to manage our things in our home. There are many methods out there, this is just what I do. Hopefully you can glean a little something.

First, to clarify, I am often wanting to remove things that we don't use and have no problem returning something that, once I got it home, doesn't work.  

On with the topic.

As a homemaker, part of our job is to manage our things. Through the past few years I have let go of this and have started feeling like our things are managing me.

Let me give you an example. Too many house plants, piles of paper that I haven't take the time to decide what to do with them, craft projects & ideas that I collect, files that need cleaned out, and even the boxes of donation items...that still need to be taken down.

When I notice I am tense and stressful while trying to tend to too many plants, then I need to find a home for a few of them so I feel more peaceful while tending them.

Same with the craft projects. I can collect a TON of ideas and even supplies. Walking into Hobby Lobby, I have to stay focused on the one thing I am there for. When the supplies get to a point that I feel tense and I know I will never get to all these wonderful things, I need to pull out all those things that don't give me peace.  Jamming more in drawers or needing to find cute containers to to hold them all isn't helping me manage hour home.

Having peace has always been my marker, if you will.  If it doesn't give me peace then the Lord is not in it.

Moving DVD's around, or a ton of family pictures doesn't serve our home to be a peaceful, cozy home. A few of the best pictures and putting our favorite DVD's in a cabinet does.

I often use the container method too. I pick a space that something will be, say DVD's in a cabinet. If we start getting too many and they don't fit then it's time to reduce what we have so they stay contained in that space.  

I hope these ideas help.

Lately I have been removing 10 items a day. Usually from where ever I am standing and see something I don't use anymore or have never used. Out cha' go!!  Then I take a few minutes and remove 9 more items. 

It's been freeing. 

Wishing you God's peace,

Mrs. Peterson

Thursday, June 16, 2022

More to Homemaking then cleaning

Peonies from a friends garden.

Hello Ladies, 

I am so excited for summer to be here. After the spring winds here in Colorado, it's the time to throw open the windows and let the sun in. At least until 10 o'clock, then I close them all to preserve the cool air in the house. 

Many people I talk with tell me "there is only so much cleaning you can do! Why are you still a housewife?" Well, that is the topic of my post today. What else is there besides cleaning? 

Cleaning our home is a matter of health for our family. In some of the older homemaking books I have that I had used when I first become a homemaker 20 years ago, state that it is the homemakers job to ensure a clean home for her family. Air quality would be making sure the dust is kept to a minimum (which is a challenge out here in the country and the wind blows often), sanitation would be the bathrooms kept clean and the kitchen, as well as providing clean clothes for sanitation, as well as making the home a home. 

With inviting comfort in mind. There are several ladies out there that can help give guidance with to develop your own system to managing this (Fly Lady, Diane in Denmark, A Better Life with Kat), so I won't be doing that here. 

Managing our home, though, also includes: managing "things" (clutter too), clothes, food, finances, family/social, gifts, dating your spouse, as well as keeping your Faith life alive in our home. 

Each of these could be a blog post by themselves, so I will write a short bit on what I do for each one twice a week for the rest of June. For now, I hope you will look at your home from a different perspective, that there is more to managing our homes then just cleaning. 

I hope you are doing something today that will preserve your energy and something that makes you happy. 

 Today, my "happy" is I hung a shade cloth on our Veranda so I can sit out the in the early morning and not get toasted from the sun, while I have my prayer time. Bonus: a visit from a wild bunny. 

Peace be with you, 
Mrs Peterson