Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Wishing you Christmas blessings

 Hello Ladies,

It's that time of year that I find myself looking back and thinking of the things I've done, not done and still want to do. Sharing our Christmas is one of those things that I want to do.

My husband is very busy with our Church this time of year since we have several services to accommodate so many people. While he is coming and going I find such joy in making sure he has a hot meal, and I've taken care of our kittens and the house. Usually I sprinkle in some puttering too. 

Our youngest daughter (34) came up to share Christmas lunch with us. It was so much fun to hear all that she has going on. After lunch she drove back to her home, about 45 min from us, and we did another Christmas tradition.

Took a nap!

It was a quiet lovely day.

Today we woke to snow, and more snow.  I am sharing what we looked out to see this morning and our tree this year.  

The tree outside is a real one that didn't get used inside. Kittens. I will just say that.  

I like to put lights on it for the first day of Winter to remind us that Christ is our light. From the first day of Winter forward, the days are getting brighter. Just as Christ is in our hearts, the more we spend time reading what examples He gave, learning how to apply it to our life and doing God's will for us the brighter our hearts become.

Merry Christmas and Happy Epiphany (we celebrate that too, since that's the end of the Christmas season (12 days after Christmas) when the Wise men came.) 

Mrs Peterson

Our tree is a memory tree. Each ornament is from something we have done, somewhere we lived, or something that represented a major event from that year. It's always a joy to put our tree up.

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