Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Letters from the heart


Old fashioned Homemakers postcards found at an antique shop. "Drop a line", "What's cooking here", "Between pressing issues" are some of the sweet quotes.

Fun stickers to decorate envelopes!

 Hello Ladies~

Today I want to share the lovely art of letter writing. Some of you may already do this, and some may not or have not learned the skills. This is something we can keep alive in this time of technology. Technology is helpful, but it is so thoughtful to write letters and take a few moments for  phone calls. 

Please keep this close to your heart - people still need to know you take the time just for them. Even if just 5 minutes to write a note. 

Something to brighten their mailbox.

I try to write at least one letter a couple times a month. Usually to my dear cousin, sometimes my sweet grandchildren (they are so delighted at this) and sometimes to a homemaking friend I have met here, blogging.

National letter writing day is December 7th, but I have learned there is also National letter writing to an Elder and a Day of Letter writing. How fun that we have so many opportunities!

When writing a letter, the traditional way is to date the top left corner. Then comes the salutation: Dear Lisa, or Hello Mr. Snicklefritz. 

Writing thoughts or questions are always nice and show concern: "I hope my note finds you well" or "How are you doing since we last spoke?" 

Ideas for writing? You may think "what do I write about I talk to her all the time" or " we email/text daily". This is the time to write from the heart. Those lovely things that don't get shared when sending a one sentence text. Or 3 sentence email.

How's your homemaking decorating? Have you had new ideas you want to share? Maybe you want her ideas for new front door decorations? What projects are you working on? What have you participated in that you enjoyed? Have you taken and "adventures" like a drive through the country? Did you finally get to a to-do project and you feel grateful for. 

It's my humble opinion to stay clear from negative and opinionated statements about somebody. You want your letter to be sharing about YOU, not gossip of what someone else has done.

Something that Amy from On the Journey does, which I love, is break up the page into various portions. You can see a picture of what I am describing by going to her blog and looking at her "Snail Mail" link at the bottom of her posts. 

She usually has a quote or scripture written at the top and various tips or ideas written in various ways. Maybe even a quote that your friend will find very uplifting or a reminder of how much they are loved. 

Lydia and HomeLiving has done letter writing in the past and has a post about it on her blog. As well as Mrs. Sherman

My book of months with dates and sweet cards I find at antique shops and thrift stores.

My book I have that I keep cards in shows how me what birthdays are coming up or anniversaries so I can make sure to have them stocked. (If not I keep a few in my letter drawer in my desk just in case ;-) 

Decorating the envelope is something else I love to do. That is my "touch". I know a friend who draws on my envelopes. I am not quite that talented. I can do a flower :-) 

I usually have a stash of stickers to decorate the envelope or box. It really is so much fun. 

I hope you have enjoyed my ideas of what I do and want to encourage you to get a small paper and envelope to write a little note to someone you know. Just to say "I'm thinking of you!"

Have a lovely day,

Mrs. Peterson

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