Monday, August 02, 2021

Celebrate our failures

                               My first attempt *ever* at water color flowers.

 "We need to own our failures, celebrate them, share them, and learn from them" ~ Margy Malan from Green Renaissance video "Make Mistakes - Abandon your 'Perfect Life'" Oct 2, 2019 

Celebrate our failures? Most of us want to forget our failures. 

I am learning there is wisdom in my failures. 

How would I know that using a double acting baking soda will make my gluten-free biscuits rise? Guess how I know. Because I have used regular baking soda that wasn't fresh. Ooops. 

 I have longed to start a project and make it "just so" when I start. Then failure to meet my vision sets me back. 

 Ms. Margy teaches me a new perspective. Celebrate it! Woo hoo! It didn't turn out, now...what did I learn from that...and go forward. 

 Don't stew in it. Don't give up. It's in the trying again that we succeed just a little bit better than last time. 

 There is an old saying from when we lived in Okinawa many moons ago...7 times fall down, 8 times get up. 

 Have a blessed day!

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