Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Managing my Larder

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Hello Ladies~

This topic of Food and Larder will be in two posts, as this one is already a bit long. May my system bless you in some way.

Today I want to share how I manage our Larder.  

We believe in storing some , but not a ton. I like to call it a "prudent reserve."

The Bible speaks of the virgins and their oil lamps, and then there is the man who hoarded everything and sat back on his laurels.  As some point we have to Trust in the One who gives all this to us in the first place.

Stocking my Larder: Every now and then we are blessed with a bit of extra money, and it goes towards purchasing a larger amount of something I am working towards. 

Usually though, I set aside a portion of my weekly budget towards my Larder upkeep. 

I am able to keep track of those items, as they are separate, by putting those in the child's seat area, next to my list.  This way I can keep track of my budget for those separate from my weekly shopping. I pay for it all together, but it helps me to visually see what is stock and what is weekly.

Many years ago I found this system using the months assigned as a way to know what to work on that month:

Jan - Milk  Beverages  Water

Feb - Breakfast food

Mar - Toiletries  Cleaning Products

April - Legumes/Beans  Sweeteners  Soups/Meals

May - Condiments

June - Grains   Vitamins/Herbs

July - Snacks

Aug - Vegis  Fruit

Sept - Meats (canned and frzn)

Oct - Oils/Fats

Nov - Paper/Plastic

Dec - Baking/Spices   

Folks buy things on sale to stock their Larder, but I have found that the breakdown's listed above usually are on sale that month. ie - December baking so baking supplies and spices are in abundance and on sale.

I hope it makes a little sense. As homemakers we each have our own system. I have developed this after over 20 years of managing our Larder. 

Oh, just wanted to add that I don't go to the extreme long term thing. Just a couple months so as to get us through if we have too much snow, or some crazy world wide virus happens ;-)   Beyond that, my faith says to trust in Him. I provide what I can, and trust He will bless my efforts and provide us with what we need.

Peace be with you,

Mrs Peterson

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