Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

I just love seeing happy faces in unusual places.

Max is hiding his happy face toy. He's waiting for dad to feed him.

A daily Siesta

I take a rest, daily.  After lunch I rest for 20 to 30 min.  I do it so I can be refreshed for dinner and the evening.

At first I struggled.  My health required it and I still pushed through.  Then Lydia at HomeLiving did a wonderful post on how women always took a daily rest. It was a way to keep spirits up and not be a grumpy person in the evening.  To be refreshed when our husbands come home, or in my case, gets off work.

Now, no doubt, as I age, I need a rest. Even a short one. But when I read through a book called "Take a Nap and Change your life" I was convinced.  It also convinced my husband and when he gets off work, he likes to lay down for a 20 min refresher.

You would be amazed.  Try a little self care and give yourself a 20 min Siesta.

Do you know, we are the only country that does not take an afternoon rest.

When we lived in Okinawa, they took a 2 hour lunch...daily. One hour to eat, leisurely. One hour to rest.


So, all you women reading this. Try it and let me know how you do in the evening. If you notice a difference in your moods.

It fits with the natural rhythm of our day. God made the sun highest and hottest at noon.  Then as the day starts to close and we have the chance to reflect back on the day and praise Him for our abilities, we can pause and rest before our evening and the day closes out.

As a homemaker my day doesn't end. It starts at 5:30 am and goes until I am doing my "Sacred Hour" at 8pm.  So I relish a 30 min rest each day. Even without kids.

Have a Blessed day!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Simpler life with out Prime

Desk Day is on Tuesdays, and is much simpler now. (Unsure where picture is from, I've had it for many years.)

Hello Ladies~

Today I am writing this post at my husband's request.  You see, several weeks ago I asked my husband to take me off of Amazon "prime".  He didn't want to cancel completely, but agreed.

This choice was because it has become way to easy to order and I was constantly blowing our budget. For what?  More stuff to find a place in our home and to manage. Well, no more. I took a stand against the draw and here is what I found.

I found that when you place an order online and choose the free option for shipping or the 5-7 day for  a few have to WAIT.

Waiting is not something that comes naturally for me.

After placing an order and feeling like it had been days, when really it was only 2 days, I got online to see where my "stuff" was.  I was impatient.  The feeling of wanting it now.  Of getting "stuff" instantly.  And then ordering again to fulfill that "click" desire that is never satified.

After 4 days, I was actually anxious. Where is my stuff?

Then after 7 days, when it came, I had come to a completely different place. Emotionally, and mentally.

I was remembering the days of placing orders via mail. When you send in a check.  I still do this, but not as my regular ordering process.

The patience had been restored and I actually longed for and was excited to get my package.

The whole experience has given me courage to stop using Prime and to enjoy the process of waiting. The peace. The ability to not purchase whatever I see and to stay in budget has been very rewarding.

Yes I pay shipping.  But I buy less and I buy with intention.  When the items get here, I know what I bought and where it is going to go.

Days past, I was buying so much that our budget meetings where more about ' what is $15.32 on 5/14?' and 'what is $74.67 on 5/17'.

I can say I've purchase 3 orders in the past month on Amazon and a few from direct companies like Vitacost and Vermont Country Store.

I hope sharing my experience helps someone else and maybe choose to just challenge yourself to find ways to help stay in budget.

Have a blessed weekend,

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My Word this year

Image result for My One word
You will love the stories of this Pastor.  Humor is one of his gifts!

A couple years ago I had heard of having a "word" for the year.  Being the curious type, I asked about it and the ladies group I was with explained: It's a word you choose, after prayer and discerning, that will be your guide this year.  The belief is that God will use your word to change you or teach you in the ways that will help you grow closer to Him.

The "word" I have had the past few years were: Balance, Trust and this year is Serenity.

Choosing Serenity, I had my plans of how I hoped God would build Serenity in my life.  Well, He has had other plans.

I have been keeping my eyes open for all the different ways God speaks to me about peace or serenity. It can happen while on the internet, while reading Scripture, the radio, even the local newspaper.

Here is how Serenity is showing up for me so far this year:

*Keeping serenity in my heart while doing my housework, rather than trying to race or beat the clock.
*Letting my grown adult kids make choices I don't agree with, trusting God will guide their life as He has done mine.
*Looking at my heart and my desires that I believe God guides me, and letting others opinions roll off my back.
*Leaving a few minutes earlier and arriving with time to spare.
*Looking around my home and my life at that things that weigh me down or cause guilt. Outa here!

I am a weak woman who gets distracted.  I always want what I want, NOW.  This year is about keeping my Serenity and asking God to handle that which is not mine.

Along with trusting Him, He has a much better outcome than I can even imagine. I see Him building on my "word" from last year.  Trusting Him.  It's hard. I want things done, I have a plan. He has His.

Lord, keeping me centered and filled with Serenity.

Sounds like my "word" next year might be Humility.

Peace be with you and may you have a lovely day,
Mrs. Peterson

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Homemaking standards

Good afternoon Ladies~

This past week I've been working on "files". Cleaning out files. Creating files. Filing cabinet, computer files. My inbox still needs attention but Progress Not Perfection, right?

I found this audio clip in my saved files that is from YEARS ago. I think 2013 or 2011.  I am coming to see in the internet world, that IS years ago.

It is Daryl Hoole and speaking of Making Our Home Sanctuaries of Peace and Joy. I hope you enjoy it.

May God bless you in your journey today.

Peace be with you,
Mrs. Peterson

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Hello Ladies~

I have just finished the book Created to Be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl.  While her writing is harsh, but there are some highlights that are wise.  Here are a few lessons I have learned or have been reminded of.

First, my husband is Mr. Steady. In the four types of men she has defined, my husband is Mr Steady.  This was an amazing insight for me in my relationship.  Mr. Steady is a man who is created steady to bring peace and safety to a woman's soul.

I used to tend to push or react to wanting him to decide sooner than he is taking the time, and I react to what I want done.  It always ends up that I try to "fix" the consequences of my behavior.  Debi states - we need to learn how to sit still and listen and to let God move my husband in His good time. Pray for your husband to have wisdom.  Let him be the one God made him to be: Still, Quiet, Thoughtful...for you!

So to keep my eyes off him and how long it takes him to decide - she states a Steady man likes a woman to walk beside him, yet grow in her own right before God.

Grow in my own right! For me, that's develop skills, have an opinion about events and such, give my opinion - WHEN ASKED- about situations regarding him. (Not nagging.)

Mr. Steady is usually liked by everyone and "belongs to the people".  I see this as how he gets "filled".  Such as, my husband is in training and discernment to become a Deacon in our church.  My job is to support him and walk with him, not pull him away to be mine only.  When the time comes for us to get away, Debi states to ask him to leave the cell phone behind so it's just us.

Second, "A Proverbs 31 woman is not mousy or a voiceless prude".  I have had to learn to speak up.  My natural voice is very quiet (except when I get mad).  He can't read my mind, nor should I expect him to.  I must find that balance between being aggressively opinionated and speaking with respect my wants/needs and my opinion (again when he asks for my opinion) regarding the situation at hand.

Third, Admire him, Respect him. And TELL him so.
Watch my words! for it is so easy to tear him down and for him to misinterpret what I said.  Some examples she gives are:
    *Do you feel comfortable spending that much money on that? (This causes him to begin to doubt his ability to make wise decisions.)
     *Honey, I need to ask you something very important that really tears me up inside.  Doesn't this activity you are engaging in grieve your spirit? (The Spirit of God had been prompting him concerning this, but he was trying not to hear; he almost brought up the subject himself last evening but now she is disappointed in him. He suspects he is not spiritual, but somehow the whole thing makes him angry.  He feels pushed. Now he resists her just to maintain control.

Always ask: "so what did you hear me say?" and ask him to repeat it.  When he is done you can clarify, but again, do so with respect. Not jumping in to correct him or tell him he is wrong.   You will be surprised as to what he actually hear.

In an argument and in anger~ your first concern is to discern your part of the problem.
     ~How did I contribute
     ~What were my motives
     ~if they were ill, then I owe amends. If they were pure, did I speak disrespectfully.

Men are more sensitive than we think.  Speaking with respect is from Ephesians.

Remember to learn to think  speak well of all people. Guard your mind and heart and get your hands busy! It keeps the devil and his lies at bay.   Memorize Phil 4:8.

I hope some of the things I have learned may help you.  I have been married over 27 years, and I am still learning.  It's a journey, and I am just a pilgrim.  Learning to stay close to God and willing to admit my weaknesses and faults. Men are so different.  Mrs. Pearl has given some lovely tidbits to discern for me.

May God's peace be with you,

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spring is here!

Oh how I enjoy so many people writing about the joys of Spring finally here. Especially after a winter with a LOT of snow!  I will share pictures of here in Colorado.

Max and I made a goofy snowman on our morning walk.

Snow in front of our little country cottage.

Max is grateful to run on the paths made by my husband with the snowblower.

Red Mountain Pass was closed for a couple weeks due to all the snow, but thanks to such hard working fella's  the pass is finally open and Ouray and Silverton can get their much needed supplies. Ever so slowly!
A female Junco!  She was so soft looking and lovely.
Here, I am enjoying the birds. In the winter we had many Junco's that come with the snow and leave with the snow. Funny little guys & gals.

I know Spring is finally here too when the sun suddenly shifts from low in the sky to high.  It goes from the far South to directly East. My heart gets excited each time the sun rises and I suddenly see the shift.

Now with the melt off, the Red Winged black birds are back.  I have such mixed feelings about them, they are noisy and aggressive.  But our little Flicka has no fear.  The black birds do when I run out of the house swinging a towel hooting and hollering! Yes it is quite the sight.

Funny though, the sparrows and finches stay put. It's like they know I'm trying to chase off the obnoxious ones.

My husband finished up the outside prep work last weekend. Spreading seed, taking down them manger that was buried in snow, taking down the white picket fences we had up to keep the deer from eating the bird food.  Oh what a journey that was before the snow got deep.

Today, the Meadow Larks are out singing. That is a sure sign of Spring, along with our Aspens blooming.  So exciting!

I look forward to seeing the grass finally come up and the temperature just a bit more.  We are still in the 30's in the morning, still cold enough I need my long winter coat to take Max for a walk.

Happy Spring!


Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Birthday gift

It was so exciting! I have always wanted to go for a sleigh ride.  This year for my birthday that was my one wish.

It was beautiful.  The driver was more chatty than I expected, but I took that as the Lord giving me an opportunity to enjoy conversation too.  

IT WAS SOO COLD! I had a blanket under the wool one pictured and snow boots on.  C went back to the car to get my pink knit hat from my emergency car kit, that made a huge difference.

The best part, the clydesdales had jingle bells on them!

We drove all around the lake and then some. The lake was frozen solid, almost like me.

But quite, and amazing.  

We had cloudy days leading up to the day choose.  I prayed all night and morning, please God, let the sun come out when we are there.

Guess what!? The sun was out, just over the ranch area we were at.  Thank you God!

It was a lovely birthday gift.