Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday drive and an Elk

An elk grazing with a herd of cows.

Today was one of those Sunday drives and it always inspires me how things just work out.

While we were out in the country side near where we live, right in the midst of a herd of cattle was this beautiful Elk.

I had never seen one before and asked my husband to turn around so I could figure out what kind of animal has no tushy.  At a glance it's tushy is all white and no tail!

We turned around and she was unfazed by our presence on the side of the road.  It was my whistle to get her attention that caused her to look up.  Grass must be tasty to capture her attention that much.

I have to wonder, does she know she is NOT a cow!

Sunday outings. Gotta love them! You never know what you will see in southern Colorado.

Wishing you God's peace,

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Creating Beauty

Lately, as I am recovering from a chronic illness, I am finding I am slowly gaining energy and clarity.  I find I am looking for my interests, after 12 yrs of managing my health.  I will still have to continue managing my days, but it's much different now.  Now I have the energy to create!

I love to make something from nothing, so to speak.  Like scraps, or recycle or the hanks of reed I buy and create a basket.

Recently there is a book that has caught my eye.  It's called The Artist's Rule .  I am not really one to work through a book that has you different tasks each week, but the concept of this is interesting.

If I learned nothing else after the few chapters I've read it's this:
"The artist (part of you) speaks to that part of you which yearns for beauty and creativity. "

I love that! It makes me think of the beauty within us that wants out in some way.  We want to be beautiful (women naturally desire this), we want to create something beautiful.

I realized in my basket weaving I have created based on patterns and a mindset of "get it done".  I like basket weaving, but it doesn't always seem "beautiful" to me.  It's actually a bit messy, but fun.

Recently I popped over to a friends blog, Flower Lady  and when I saw the silk ribbon embroidery it was the definition of beauty from within that I was readying about.  She is so inspirational to me.

I have decided to hunt for a beginners silk ribbon embroidery kit and teach myself.  She told me once a couple years ago, if I can crochet I can do embroidery.  I think she has more confidence in me than I do.  I'll lean on that until I get going with it.

Have you ever seen embroidery with flowers and beads and just enjoyed how beautiful it is?

What is that part of you that longs for beauty?  Is it fresh flowers on your bathroom counter?   A creative way to make a centerpiece (challenge: from what you have!).  or is it trying your hand at what speaks to your heart?

Beauty is from God.  When we create something beautiful we are thanking Him in return.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Old Fashioned

 Does anyone else notice what's wrong here? Sorry it's backwards :-)

Ok.  Call me old fashioned....or Traditional, but isn't there something wrong with this picture above?

I got this in the mail yesterday from a company that I won't use their name because that's not the point.  Look at each member of the family...during "family time".

What are these kids learning?  How is the couple keeping communication alive and their relationship?  How are the kids learning social and interpersonal skills?  Are they learning to take care of the home?  Are they learning how a daddy loves his daughters by spending time with them?

Are the girls growing closer together and learning to "be there" for each other later on in life?

All this is telling me is that each person has their own life (how lonely) and each person is not interested in what the other has to say, what their feelings are, what their interests are (besides electronics).

It seems very cold and unloving.

It's hard to go against the grain and not do what "everyone else is doing".  I know...believe me on many levels I know!  It's not easy.  When I choose different I have to hold to what I value...not what someone else is telling me I need to value.

Think of the example you set by holding on to Traditional ways of socializing.  Like picking up an actually phone to call a friend. The anticipation of waiting for a phone call.  The patience of knowing you missed a call or are waiting  for a call to be returned.

I have an older flip phone and have struggled many times over with whether to "update" my self and get a so called smart phone.  I really don't think they are that "smart".  I actually find more people frustrated that the phone or device does what it thinks you want it to as you are using it.  You spend more time trying to "undo" what IT did.  Sounds a bit like codependency to me.

We also don't have a cordless phone in the house. Yep! I have what I lovingly call a Piggy tail phone in the kitchen and in the back of the house.  We don't have Wi-FI in the house, and yes we have cords that go to my computer and my husbands work computer.

I won't go into all MY ways of doing things different.  I encourage all my family and friends to look at things in their life and how they may or may not be affected by the way "society expects" us to have or use certain things.  Or Dress, but that's another post.

Jesus teaches that we are to be different.  That others will know us by our Love.  Will these kids above know how and when to act on this Love that is offered to them?

**Note - I am not saying that smartphones are bad. My husband has one and we have used it in circumstances that I was grateful for it.  My point is having boundaries with devices or at least questioning motives behind using what ever it is.  The family pictured above really is losing valuable connection time, and I don't mean electronic connection. Please, take what you like a leave the rest.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our Sunday Drive

This little guy let us back up to tack his picture. Only about 3 inches tall.

Last Sunday my husband and I went for a drive.  This wasn't your ordinary "let's go meander the country".  We were going for a drive to provide an atmosphere to talk.  There has been much on both of our plates, but as of late, it's been about life.

Where are we going? What interests do we still have together? What are our hopes for the last 10 - 20 yrs of our life?

Because as life goes on and we change, sometimes reconnecting with our spouse is vital.

Accepting humility as the path to truth and closeness, we talked about our fears, our "unknown" desires, and even a bit of frustrations.

This was all possible in a 4 1/2 hour drive after church.   During lunch we were close enough to home that we made lunch to go and continued on.

During our 24 yrs of marriage driving for us has always been our main tool when we REALLY need to talk.  It provides an atmosphere that we are sitting side by side facing the world....just as our wedding day.  Rather than facing each other.

Have you ever tried to face someone, be vulnerable, and NOT be affected by their facial expressions, arms crossed or * Sigh* and lips puckered.  It's REALLY hard to not be affected.

Yet, going for a drive is an amazing way to accomplish all the above without getting affected (too much) by the others affect displays.

Our drive ended about 3:30pm  and we were holding hands and laughing.  Something we haven't done together in a few weeks.

Did our problems get resolved, some of them.  Most importantly, we were vulnerable to each other and we grew together in understanding our hopes, fears and concerns.

Some areas we are on the same sheet of music, but not all.  And that's ok.  It leaves room for another drive someday!  :-)

Wishing you Christ's peace!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Peeking through

Well, hello there!
It has been a while since I have posted on here.  I am walking through transitions and lifestyle changes due to battling and overcoming some health issues.  It's a slow process, but thanks be to God,  it is working.

As He has reminded me in my prayer time, do my part and let Him do His.

I love that.  It's also easy to forget.   Day to day events, and when I start feeling better, well,  the wish list and to do list seem to quickly drown out His sweet soft voice.

Once again, I am learning to pick myself up, dust myself off, rest and enjoy the process.

I hope to post here more regularly.  If you read it, great, I hope it encourages you or God touches your heart in some way.  If not, well, that's ok too.

There is much to much intake from the internet these days, and social media in general.  (Don't get me started on that! I have quite a soap box for it.)  My posts are truly just my place to write what's going on here in our little town in southern Colorado and in our home.

It's simple, just the way I strive to be.  Though I am know to complicate even the simplest of things, makes life fun!  My husband often rolls his eyes and lovingly reminds me of Keep It Simple.

I try.

Doesn't always happen.

Todays picture is of a little bird in a side window by my stove.  He peeks out each morning to say Hello and brings a smile to my face.  My heart is lifted and I start to listen to the birds singing outside.  Such a gift.

Take time to listen to the birds.  Their song is LOUD in the morning as the sun is coming up.  Then you may hear little chirps through the day and as the day winds down the birds, in their sweet way, quite down too.  A gentle reminder of how we should live.  The rhythm of the day.

Christ's peace be with you.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Can't take it with you


I had the privilege last week of sitting in a meeting discussing turning over our will to God.  I found it interesting that my experiences to contribute were related to recent events of turning over a portion of our finances to my husband.  I have done them for years, given them to him, taken them back, and tried to spilt the responsibility.  This is a controlling aspect of mine.

It is not something I am proud of, but it is what it is.  The reason's why are not what is important for this post. What is important is the lesson I learned that night.

A man sitting across from me, in his sharing, spoke of is experience turning over his will to God and shared a financial stress in his life.   If wasn't until he realized we "can't take it with you" when we go, that God gave me a grace that has stuck in my heart.  I can't take our finances with us.  I won't be asked how well I managed our money, I will be asked how well I loved.

Can't take it with you.  How profound.  This immediately brought back memories of many years ago. I was dating my husband and had moved into my first house, rather than an apartment.  It was closer to the base where he was, but out in the boonies!  I was gone for the weekend when I had learned my answer machine was not working, we went to check it out.  My house had been broke into and they had stolen almost everything.

We came back a few days later with help to move out the rest, and it had been broken into AGAIN. The remixing items were just large furniture and odds and ends for kitchen stuff. All my clothes all my jewelry, all my christmas ornaments, shoes, dishes, everything...gone. Skis.  Blue suede cowboy boots (they were really cool!)

This happened before I knew who God was and Jesus, but a year or so later when my husband (boyfriend at the time) taught me about God and Jesus, I somehow understood the reasoning behind this incident.

I was to learn detachment from "stuff" and learn to keep my heart on Jesus.  The stuff....I can't take it with me.  It's pointless when I'm gone. Now, how I USE it while here, how I love others while managing my "stuff"...that's what IS important.

I am so appreciative of this fellow and his sharing.  It has reminded me of a lesson I have forgotten.  When we surround ourselves with the heirlooms, the valuables, the WOW this is the best view in Colorado!  It's easy for that quite place in our hearts to be pushed aside. Things take over our attention.

For me, I have remembered the lesson.  I can't take it with me.  So I willingly give a portion of the finances over to my husband.  I trust God will always provide and help me with my controlling tendencies.

Peace be with you~

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Keeping one space

By a river in southern Co.

This past week I have decided it doesn't make sense to me to have two blogs with very similar content.  So I have transferred all my posts from Traditional Simplicity here.  Only one problem, I don't know how to transfer all the lovely comments.

Has anyone had experience with this?  I am not a computer guru, so I am really like a fish out of water with this. Thanks for any guidance.

Growing is part of life.  Life is constantly changing.  As a person, each of us has our core, our likes, dislikes and generally who we are.  I have written before about being true to myself. Not to blog based on what others are doing,  but me.

Traditional, simple, and a homemaker with a heart to share.