Thursday, April 05, 2007

Our journey

Our journey is still underway. We are moving to Steubenville Ohio the first part of June (God Willing) and slowly all the To-Do's are getting done. Our next goal is a part time job for my husband, this will keep him from completely leaving the stuff he's involved in, and some extra denero. I have decided to go back to working part time as well. Since I have no kids at home (after June) and my beloved is going to be in school and working part time...conversations with the dogs are just not cuttin' it! So after the move I am taking a couple classes then starting a part time business doing Bookkeeping. I need a creative name for it and I struggle with this. Any suggestions?

So,we finally got all the VA paperwork done and the college stuff done. Next...a home. Not just a home...our first home...long distance...Oh please Lord, show us the home You want us to have....soon.

I know, in God's time not Dee's time. With moving in less than two months, I would like to think we would have a home already lined up. We really like one, but our papers are not in order yet to buy. I pray that the home is still available when we do get things in order.

God has taken care of us and has everything under control. I just wish it was easier to let go of trying to make things happen. It's hard when you are excited (and nervous). I tend to ramble as well. Hmm speaking of rambling...I best sign off.

God's peace.

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Phil said...

Dee-I too pray for your transition. I remember how stressful it was for us. I know that God, who already has you in the palm of his hand, will place you in the home in Stubenville. See you next week for the retirement! Love and Peace-Phil