Monday, November 03, 2008

It's official

Danielle enlisted in the Marine Corps on Thursday October 30! We are so proud of her! She hopes to do the 4 years and see where she is after that. Boot camp starts January 12th.

I have struggled with this in many ways, which I won't go into here. In prayer over and over the Lord has told me "let her go, this is what she needs right now. I know her, I know what she needs and I am watching over her." This has given me a peace inside that I can't explain. The same message was given to me for several days.

Of course, Chris is excited. He was in his prime at the MEP's station in Cleveland. Visiting with the other's who are active duty Marine's. While we were there I got to witness something amazing! The Lord taking this opportunity to work through my husband and minister to someone else that was active duty. They had a very deep, touching converstation about the Lord. Who knows why? Only God. But I do know it was an experience for both parties involved, and I was blessed to be able to watch it.

He is so awesome, He never ceases to work through us if we are willing.

God's peace to you,

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Prairie Chick said...

Hello Mrs. Peterson, it's very nice to "meet" you =D sounds like a big, scary, exciting, challenging chapter in the story of your family life is beginning! I look forward to reading more.

God's Peace~ P-Chick.