Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the garden is finished!

Wa-La! We have a garden!

After 2 months of working on and off due to weather, we have a completed garden. The two "Square Foot" beds are 4 x 8, and there's a 3 ft walk all the way around. Chris and I decided to put 2 ft chicken wire on the floor next to the fence. That's to keep out George! Yes, we named that fat woodchuck that keeps coming in my yard. Now I need a name for the possum I saw last week!

I also built a compost bin - of which I'm still learning how to do that. A friend says I'm making it more difficult than it is, but I don't know. We are offically watering the garden with rain water. Two 55 gallon rain barrels are capturing so much of that awesome rain that God sends down, just so I can water my garden. It must be really good water, my plants are growing straight and strong! I will post a current picture of what's growing later on. For's the process and finished garden. Welcome to my garden:

Here, we layed weed cloth down and got the frames with chicken wire in place.

My strong husband is inserting the posts for the inside of the frames, they are 12" deep when done.

Post hole digging. Let me tell you, as a woman...there are limits I respect. And I am Oh so grateful God made man!

My gate. This gate was built in Georgia when we lived there. C built it for me and I loved it so much we hauled it with us. Yes, he rolled his eyes, still does. But that's ok. I like my gate. :-)

I started with 1 4 x 4 garden last year. This year it has grown. I hope to Keep It Simple, yet have an abundance of food to freeze and can. If you are interested in Square Foot Gardening, check out his website or better yet, buy the book. It is fantastic!



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