Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yard Sale Woman!!!

Ok, imagine a woman dressed in jeans, sneakers and a watchful eye. She's carrying a simple pack to hold her money, dollars and change of course, and hot tea (coffee for some) in one hand a map in the other. What is she looking for? YARD SALES!! All she needs is her bargain cape and she becomes... dunt da da da....Yard sale Woman!!!

Are you a yard salen' person? If so you will want to check this out and is the Ohio portion.
It's a yard sale that streches through 5 states. Yep you read right...5 states all along highway 127.

I'm hoping to get to hit a few, but we'll see. Traveling in all five states is a bit much, but 2 or so would be cool. I'm in, God willing, I'm in. If nothing else, just the weekend portion. Gott'a hit the sales!!! Dunt da da da...Yard Sale woman!!!

Yep, had fun writing this silly post.



Susan D said...

hahaha funny.

lyndapolston1975 said...

Dee, you are in for a treat and a nightmare. Be Prepared!!! You will see and experience so many wonderful things, meet amazing people along the way, and truely have so much fun and many great stories to tell when you return.

However, what you can't imagine is the traffic, heat, and crowds if you have never been before. A few tips... Wear loose cool clothing, good walking shoes, and bring newspaper and bags to protect breakable treasuresx Wet Wipes are a must as it can be hard to find clean restrooms to clean up! Don't forget a cooler full of drinks and maybe a few snacks. You will find a lot of food vendors selling amazing BBQ and such, so I don't stress the snack part to much.

Don't forget your camera! You will see so many amazing places during your journey!

What stretch of the sale are you going to attend? Email me if you have any questions and I'll try to help!!

Veteran of the sale,