Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming back home

(Me with my friend Stacy)

For the past 3 months I have been blessed with the opportunity to work at the University my husband is attending. I worked full time. After 5 yrs of being a homemaker, this was a challenge. But not one to give up on. The Lord stretched me in ways I didn't know was in me, or I forgot. My job was temporary and I am now returning home. Home, where I feel the Lord has clearly defined....that is my place as a wife.

I won't get to much into it today, but I will be posting some quotes and thoughts on this soon. Yes sooner than the last post, no laughing! I have come to believe, firmly, that women are the heart of the home. If we are out trying to earn money and climb the corporate ladder, who is raising our kids, who is creating a loving warm environment for our husbands and friends, who is cooking nutritous meals and holding on to that dearly beloved money that God gives us to survive...rather then fast food chains so they can survive while our health plummits.

Think about this. As women we have the opportunity to live our vocation, accept the duties God has given us, and take care of people the best way we see fit all while living in His will for us. What a better job can you get than that!

Growing up, I didn't have this mindset. I still struggle periodically with the "have to support myself" syndrome. I don't believe this is healthy for kids, husbands or us as women. We are, by biologic nature, more feeling oriented, more caring, and more nuturining (sorry guys but true). What happens to our psycological being when we can't be home when our kids come home in tears from a horrible day. What happens when our husbands need their wife for support and companion to listen to them or provide a warm homecooked meal for them....and we are at work. Or at too many obligations we have set up for our selves.

I don't usually get opinionated, but I have been reading A LOT on marriage and the roles of men and women. The way God designed them, not the way society tells us we must live. If we remove the words of others, the looks, the "way" everyone else says we should live and look at the Truth, we will see. God has a plan, and it doesn't involve what Susy Q the neighbor says about it!



Farmgirl Cyn said...

It will be good to have you back, Dee!

Farmgirl Cyn said... you have me in tears. I just read your comments on my birthday post. Bless your heart.
And, again i say, i am glad you are back.

SusanD said...

ummmm.....scuse me.....but your last paragraph about not being opinionated... yeah, right. whatever! hahaha ♥ Blessings, SusanD

Anonymous said...

I love this picture. I miss you more than I can say. Love you

Julie said...