Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation to AZ

We haven't ever taken a vacation just because. In 20 yrs of the Marine Corps, our vacations were always to go visit family so the girls could see there biological mom. Well, not this time. We did make a stop to see my mom. It was brief but good. Then on to the Grand Canyon! Can you believe~ we took the train from Williams AZ to the Grand Canyon. What a spectacular sight to see. Pictures can't do it justice, but I will afford the effort to see if you are tantilized to go visit this creation from God.

The train ride up to the Grand Canyon.

We upgraded the car so we could stand on the back "porch" while we rode up. That was so neat!

The first glimpse at God's creation. I don't know all the statistics, but believe me when I say it's aloooonnnnggg ways down.
Thank you Lord for a railing. It kept my knees from being wobbly. At least at this look out point.
My Husbands creative eye at work.

Believe me, I am not standing anywhere near the edge. C just is good with a camera.

Now he on the other hand got so close I started to have anxieties!! I think the AZ sun baked him to long.

I found this little mound of red rock to be intriguing. Out in the middle of no where.

Our country's flag flying at the Grand Canyon.

The donkey trail down. No way! No how! Not a chance!
I hope you enjoyed our adventure. We really had an amazing time.

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

Hey Dee!
How wonderful for you guys to take time for yourselves to just get away! Now, for me, just lookin' at those photos made me queasy. Just not good with heights!