Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter at our place

It's a neat feeling to be back home, close enough that our oldest daughter wanted Easter at our place.  With enough space for an egg hunt, that was the plan.  God blessed us with an afternoon of no wind.  It was chilly, but thankfully no wind.  I am learning the wind is a normal part of spring here on the mesa in southern Colorado.

We had 15 family members here, what a blessing!  My husband and I stood back and just was moved with gratitude.  Two tables set up side by side allowed us to have a sit down meal.  After, the little ones - grandchildren and our nephew- hunted for Easter eggs.  Then they wanted to hide them for the adults.  THAT was fun!  Even my mother-in-law was hunting for eggs!

What fun, to have adults hunt for eggs too. Each of the eggs was filled with a scripture or inspirational quote, or a little something from the dollar store.

I hope you had a lovely Easter.  We celebrate it for a full 8 days after.  The church actually celebrates Easter for 40 days after. Lent for 40 days before, and celebrate for 40 days after.

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