Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Making lemonade from life's lemons

Camping in January, how fun!

Recently I had a birthday.  It had been planned for over a month.  Hair cut, dinner out, etc. All the fun girly stuff.  My husband even planned a night out.  Dog sitter was arranged, then...God had another plan.  It snowed, a lot!  So we had to cancel everything the night before since the snow was coming down fast and for the next 24 hours.

I could have let this really bother me, but I learned a few years ago when we lived in Ohio to make the most of the situation  - since I can't change my birthday.

This year my husband asked me what I wanted to do since we cancelled all our plans.  I replied "Camp! I want to camp in the living room!"

And that we did.  We had gluten free graham crackers and natural marshmallows, so we made smores and camped in the living room.  Camp chairs by the fire.

Oh, yummy and gooey!
Oh, and what camp ground could you go to and watch Sense & Sensibility and a TV screen.  We had fun!

The funniest part was when we turned out the lights to go to sleep.  Our boxer Max was not sure what we were doing.  I could hear breathing and felt something watching us, so I grabbed my flashlight (got to have that while camping!) and sat up quickly.  There was Max standing at the entrance of our tent.  Staring at us.

We laughed and laughed!  Then everyone settled down.  It was a rough night, but fun.

I enjoy looking for opportunities that God has another plan and I can make something fun or meaningful out of the situation.

Have a blessed day,

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

God's continued blessings on your marriage!

I miss doing so much with my dear husband. He's in heaven with Jesus and I am here learning to live without him by my side.

Thanks for thinking of me, for visiting my blog and that tip with using the belt for stretching my feet before getting out of bed. Hopefully I don't need to go badly. :-)

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady