Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving outing

Hoping you had a pleasant Thanksgiving!

I haven't been online much for the past 3 weeks.  My mom passed 3 weeks ago and all the confusion of my step-dad and his overwhelm, my fears of "all the stuff to go through" and knowing family would be coming I hadn't seen in 20 yrs, well...let's just say I decided to back off from being very social.  

Until Thursday!  My girls and sister-in-law
wanted to host this year and all I had to do was make my popular Pecan Pie made with maple syrup.  I can do that!!  So after mass Thursday we decided to start a new tradition and went on a short walk (some folks say a hike, but I'm not physically to that point - yet).
We took Max and he had so much fun.  On our way back my husband spotted purple catcus'.  I didn't know Colorado HAD cactus'.  He got some amazing pictures.  
Tiny purple cactus all over the hillside. Isn't my husband an amazing photographer!

Max wanting to know why we stopped.  We didn't get much past those shrubs ahead.  Bears are still out and about and it was early enough I didn't want to see any.

This cliff side was made of a bazillion rocks.  So fascinating.  

Daughter and grandchildren with her ducks.  I hear they are supposed to be Christmas dinner but not sure that's going to happen.  

Making the paper chain with nephew and grandkids.

I wanted to do a craft with the grandkids and thought of an Advent chain.  I was looking for traditional things to make that would be easy for a 3 and 6yo.  What was fun was both my daughters joined in, my nephew and my sister-in-law.  Everyone wanted to do a craft!  How fun ! So next year I may plan something for everyone - optional of course.  I don't see the guys in on this :-) 

Have a lovely week!  

PS - We went to a gathering of couples from Church and one couple bought a 30 lb turkey at the school auction, but the person that showed up for Thanksgiving was vegetarian!  So she thought of me and brought a whole bag of turkey. Yeah! I love leftovers and getting creative to use them. I hear Turkey enchiladas are very tasty.

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