Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunday Supper

I wanted to share a "recipe card holder idea". Yep, that's a mouthful. I read the idea years ago and it always works, whether I use it for a 3x5 card or a page like this. The other picture is hubby getting trigger happy. He says he can't help it when it's his favority subject, isn't he silly!

A fork and a glass, how simple is that and it's free!

Homemakersheart preparing the chicken.

Mmmm, Hormone free chkn with turmeric, cumin, umm I forgot the rest; roasted sweet potatoes; seasoned broccoli; and seasoned green beans with garlic and basil. If your mouth is watering, I will say it was VERY tasty. There were no leftovers.



HomemakerAng said...

your hair is gorgeous!

homemakersheart said...

Thanks Ang, the grey streak is natural. I used to try and cover it, but I gave up...to much $$ and to much work. Besides, I came to accept what God gave me and not fight it.

berriehead said...

I agree:) and the meal looks delish!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Your meal looks inviting. I love the picture of you in the kitchen.
I quite agree about the 'hair thing'. In fact, the colour that my hair has turned to over the years, is the only physical change that pleases me as I've grown older. Luv - Marion