Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Treasures Found

I had to post my treasures I found today at a boutique I like to shop at. I found REAL Minnetonka boots. There black and fully lined, very little wear for $15.00. I had gone back for 3 weeks looking at them, dreaming of the warmth they would provide for my piggies. So here they are. I love them!
AND.. God guided me over to the gowns to look for a ball gown. Every Nov. the Marine Corps has their birthday ball and I don't ever pay full price for a gown. This year is my darling husband's last Ball as active duty. Last year I found a beautiful one at Dillards, but the price was not even an option. This same gown was at the boutique with tags still...for $50. And the owner let me put that on layaway since I don't need it right away. Unbelievable. It's black velvet with spagatti straps, full length and at the bottom where it flares out there is white shear fabric that is in the creases (?). It is beautiful.

I asked hubby "since I like my boots so much and the gown do you think I could wear both to the Ball??" Silly guy "sure why not!"

I wish you God's peace.

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