Saturday, September 30, 2006

National Womanhood Day!

Happy Womanhood Day! Today is the day to celebrate preserving being a woman, and by that I don't mean the women's lib thing. Check out the article below I found while searching the web, it's a great description:

"Purpose of Womanhood Day, September 30
Womanhood Day is an effort to preserve femininity, masculinity, marriage and family life. It is hoped that this day will be the door to a better life, with a good year to follow in which we, as women, more perfectly succeed in our careers in the home. On September 30 1972 the first National Womanhood Day was proclaimed. This day received national and international attention and was observed in many homes across the country. Each year, with your help and the help of women everywhere, this special day will be celebrated in the hope of preserving the true character of womanhood.

A Double Life: In this early movie, Ronald Coleman played the part of a great and famous actor who became so involved with the characters he played that they influenced the direction of his life. Before he became a famous actor he married a charming and angelic girl named Britta. But this almost ideal marriage did not last because he became so obsessed with the various parts he played that he became difficult to live with. After their divorce he made this statement: “When I married Britta, that is when I wanted to become a great actor.” A woman has great power over a man, to make or break him. She can make him happy, or she can make him sad. She can inspire him to reach his highest dreams, or she can become his stumbling block. And although she does not have all power, she can influence his life profoundly. May God help us all to become our husband’s greatest source of joy and the inspiration of his highest dreams. "

~Mrs. P

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