Friday, November 17, 2006

Overly busy

I know we all are busy this time of year, but the past two weeks have been exceptional in the Peterson home. We had my husband's oldest daughter fly in, and his parents drove from NM here to GA. The Marine Corps Birthday ball was Friday Nov. 10th. This was also our first date 16 yrs ago. All our family has returned home, or moved on in there traveling adventures and our home seems so empty, but I am grateful God gave us the time with each of them.

Also, I am starting a new part time job. Since my youngest step-daughter is almost 18, and I don't have any more at home, I felt the need to do something more with my time. My first priority is my husband and tending to the basics of the house. But I'm learning I can't be obsessive about keeping an emaculant home just so hubby and I can feel awkward in it. We like a lived in home.

I've tried creating the clay angel bears and selling them. They did well, but I don't have the drive to do that for several hours a day. I enjoy being around people, and natural health. Though I was already working 8 hrs at the vitamin and supplement store I was at, I had wanted more hours and a less stressful environment. It's a long story but it involves the owner and in order to remain Christian I am not going to go into detail. So about 3 weeks ago I had a drive inside me to go back to a store I worked at 2 yrs ago and try to work things out. Before, I was unable to stand for the time they needed. God was still helping me recover from my illness and we both agreed it wouldn't work. Though today, Praise God!!, I am well and continue to get back to 100% all while keeping my focus on God and being grateful everyday.

They hired me back and I started this week. I have been working 2 jobs this week, thankfully it will only be this week. My 2 wk notice would be until next week, but with Thanksgiving, it will end this week. Yesterday I got up, fixed my darling hubby breakfast and said what day is it so I know which store to go to today? We both laughed. And answering the phone, ugh! I am excited to continue my growth though in the natural health field. Though I do most of my learning from LOTS of reading, I also learn from others in the field.

God gave me the desire to pursue this new job, they created the postion and hours, now I have the challenge of standing on my own and showing them they didn't make a mistake. My sweet husband is behind me all the way. Though he has always asked that my p/t job not get in the way of our time together, evenings and weekends...fatigue etc. I am glad to say God has given me the energy to work 2 jobs, 5 days this week and I still have been able to get the laundry and basic house cleaning done and still have energy to love on my honey ;)

I am currently trying to find a way to dry my clothes inside since the weather has turned cold. Anyone have ideas? In trying to save electricity this has been my current project.

May God bless you today~


FarmgirlCyn said...

First off, congratulations! This is most certainly a new phase in your life.
As for the drying of the clothes, I have heard of hanging a line in the basement and running a fan on them. They have said it still uses much less electric than if they had to use the dryer. Someone else had said that to remove some of the stiffness that comes with air drying denim and towels, try throwing them in the dryer for just 5 min. Then hang them on the line. I think vice versa would maybe work even better. My basement is already so cluttered, i think a line would be impractical right now. But...I hang clothes on the line in all but the nastiest of weather. And maybe January!

Carla Lynne said...

Hi Dee!

Kudos to you in your new job! I am thrilled to hear you are feeling well and still have energy at the end of the day...

For drying clothes indoors... try getting a clothes rack something like this one:

or this one:

I got mine in Lancaster County from Amish merchants and mine are made of wood, but I have seen them in home improvement warehouses...and Walmart (eek gads!).

FarmgirlCyn said...

Have THE most blessed of Thanksgivings, Dee, as we join in one accord, giving thanks with a grateful heart! Wishing we could actually meet, but knowing someday we will.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Christmas blessings to you and your family and peace and joy throughout the new year. Marion