Sunday, December 31, 2006

The journey back

It has been a while since I've been able to post. I was very busy with the job I took, even though it was 15 hrs a week, with commute and still trying to keep up my responsibilities as a wife and homemaker, well, let's just say I have A LOT of housework to do and making up to do with hubby.

Imagine a woman running frantically from 6am to 10pm with her day looking like this: She is making her husband's breakfast and her's (she has a special diet), not in a sane loving way, but a frantic, rushed, all over the kitchen with food burning and 4 things half done. Next hubby comes out, see's the chaos and tries to stay out of the way..she tosses his plate on the counter, finishes her meal and off to get ready for the 30 minutes. Her hair is put in the simplest form, dressed and grabs her lunch as she pats the dogs on the head and rushes out the door.

At work the day is slow paced but productive. As her shift is finishing she is making a list of the places she needs to stop at while she is on this side of town. After all the errands, she tries to make it home in time to "rest" before hubby gets home. Though when she walks in the door, the dogs and daughter want some attention. Not to mention the arm load of "stuff" she has just brought in, and unpacking her lunch box. No time to rest, must get dinner going and tidy the bedroom and house.

While tidying, hubby calls to say he's on his way. She thinks "oh no, I'm not ready". The rush starts again, "what things are the most important before he gets home?" Dog toys picked up, and food being a sane wife. No time for that got to get dinner going, I have to leave in an hour for a meeting. A quick peck and dinner is served.

After dinner the family cleans up so she can get out the door. Two hours later she arrives back home and the kithen isn't ready for the next day so she spends about 45 min. finishing up. Prepares lunches, coffee, etc for the next morning. As her day comes to an end it's almost 10 pm, she looks back and realizes she never got her "down time" so she decides to do some prayers or inspirational reading before bed.

As she finally sits in her reading chair in the corner of the bedroom, it feels so good that she doesn't get three sentences read and her eyes won't stay open. "Must go to bed so I don't sleep all night in the chair." As her head hits the pillow and the light goes out, she is instantly asleep, resting for the same routine tomorrow.

That has been my life for the past 6 weeks until I read a story. I was searching the 'net for other women or readings on being a submissive wife. A story came up called First Duty of Wives by Agnes Turnbull. I will post this on a separate posting because it is long. Anyways, I didn't have time to read it and in the past had read some things I've read that weren't supportive of being a submissive wife, so I asked my husband to read it first. He finished it, cam to me and said "Yes you should read it...right now, I will finish dinner. Oh and hold on to your boot straps!"

After I finished the story, I'm a slow reader so it took a while, I was dumbfounded. I turned to him and said "So does this mean I'm giving my 2 week notice at work?" He shook his head yes. What a relief! I told him how stressful it has been to try to be there for him, take care of the house, and work. I enjoy tending to the house and having the time to take care of me, but most of all I enjoy living the call that God has for women, at least for me. I have found many things in the Bible about how women should behave, dress, and what there priorities should be. It's all laid out. Even in the new testement.

So, I can't say I will be posting daily, but I will try to post once a week or so as my busy life allows. We are moving in 5 months, and my husband is retiring from the Marine Corps (so I look forward to being there for him to help with this), AND I my youngest step-daughter is graduating high school...all in May and June.

Women are the glue of the family. Our management skills along with our natural loving and caring nature gives us the tools to be the wife and homemaker God has called each of us to be. We just have to foster the tools.

Gods peace,

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