Friday, January 26, 2007

Cooking from scratch

Many people ask me what do I eat, since I can't eat dairy, wheat or sugar. My response has always been "I cook A LOT!" Our meals have evolved around going back to the basics...whole foods. I also eat very little refined flours, again...whole foods. I don 't miss anything,and we have noticed we are able to really taste the flavor of foods. With out heavy cream sauces and processed foods that are ladden with sugar, our taste buds become accustomed to the flavors of real food, food the way God intended it to be.

My family eats this way most of the time (minus my 18yo... eek gads!) I plan all of our meals, mainly dinners and weekend meals together. The other meals I have a list of foods that I typically eat and I make sure they are included in my grocery day shopping.

I found a great article this morning on cooking from scratch. This may help give some ideas for those of you who would like to cook healthier but don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I cook 3 meals a day almost everyday, but I'm trying to get back to cooking a few things in one day and freezing them. Not meals, just the extras like rolls, grains (rice, millet, buckwheat, etc) and any treats for the family for the week (homemade blueberry muffins, cookies etc.) I hope this article is gives some tips for you!

God's peace to you and your family,
Mrs. Dee Peterson

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FarmgirlCyn said...

Gosh Dee....We don't hear from you in nearly 3 weeks, then...BAM! You hit me with a slew of posts! Glad to see you are OK! Cooking from scratch has got to be the best way...tho not always the most time efficient. Hence, I use my personal servant...the crock pot! Lots we can do there, and the smells are incredible!