Saturday, March 08, 2008

Road trip

Last Wednesday we took a road trip to see a doctor for me. It was a fruitful trip. God is good and provided an answer to a plea of prayer for continued healing for my health. I have had no symptoms of Fibro for a couple years, but the digestion problems just wouldn't let go. This doctor has made a remarkable change in my body by using Applied Kinesology. I have studied herbs and nutrition, but this takes the cake. All I can say is God is good.

While we were up there we drove on into Cleveland to a Dillard's outlet store (to much chaos for me though) and we saw the Great Lake FROZEN! So I grabbed my faithful camera and snapped a few shots to share.

This last one was the skyline into Cleveland. Neat to visit but sure glad I don't live here!

God's peace be with you~


Anonymous said...

It was a blessing to spend the time together. My prayers are with you as well. Love C

Dawn said...

Wow...what neat pictures!!! I don't think I have ever even seen a frozen

I am so glad this doctor was able to make you feel better. Oh praise the Lord! :-)

Have a blessed Sunday!


Farmgirl Cyn said...'s been a while since you've everything ok? Keep in touch.