Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time off

Some friends and blogging friends have asked what happened? Well, I'll tell you.

I found myself daily "lost" in the world of blogging. Reading others, posting, changing mine because I like what someone else did (which took a lot of time as I have no clue about changing things.) then as I connected my shoulder and back muscle cramps to being on the computer I started to reasses why?

Why DO I blog? Well, I'm in a program that promotes honesty, so, Pride. I wanted to have a blog that was as nice as so and so, or up date daily like so and so, or have a purpose like her.

Then it dawned on me. I am not doing anything in my free time, what little there is, besides sitting here in front of a computer. Joy!

So, I stopped. I went through withdrawls almost. "oh, I wonder what she has posted today about?" "Ooo, I bet she has some inspirational insights about the Simple Life today, she is such a wise woman." The temptations lasted about a week or two. Then I got lost in gardening. I LOVE GARDENING much more then sitting in front of a computer.

I also love reading books that bring me closer to God. I love watching Chrisian based movies. And more recently, I am realizing the importance of actually studying the Steps of Al-Anon, rather then just reading about them. (My Dad is my qualifier ya'll!)

I get sucked into everyone else's life...except mine. Don't get me wrong, I found great consolation in other's writings. And miss them very much. I got my home in shape with pretty things, I have looked at the world I live in with a different perception..all because of friends in the blogging world.

So, why post now? I miss writing for a purpose. And am thinking about posting again. I always get sidetracked though. I'm a sinner, like us all, and I tend to listen to the lies of the devil and think Oh..I can just read this ONE today. Ha, 30 minutes later.

I'm contemplating just writing on my blog those things that are important to me and my family and emailing those who choose to communicate that way. Not getting into everyone else's blogs. That is tough.

We are pilgrims on a journey. A journey back to Our Father. Chunks of time on the computer will not get me closer to my Father. So I'm still contemplating.

God's peace be with you~


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what happened to you since I never hear from you anymore j/k (kinda). This blog helped me keep current w/you and the fam. miss ya/luv ya :)

Kristine said...

I can so identify with what you are saying...'getting lost in the world of blogging'...thanks for the reality check! Gods used you to yank me back into the real world. My other interest seem to be falling by the way while I sit in front of this computer. Grrrr! I need some balance here! God bless you in your journey!