Saturday, July 19, 2008

Being a pilgrim

I read in the Bible recently how we are all pilgrims on earth. Making our way back to heaven to spend eternity in the promise made by God, through Jesus.

It has changed the way I look at my life and I see my self on a day to day journey, foot path if you will, of events that I have a choice in. Each choice will present the opportunity to allow God to speak to me about His will or I can hurry and do my will.

The Lord is not in the chaos!

As I go through the day and invite Him into each decision or event, I am making the choice to stay on that path, to be the pilgrim I am, and walk through my life with His guidance so I can come home some day.

You are a pilgrim too! God is calling you, can you hear Him? Remember, the Lord is not in the chaos!

God's peace,

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