Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Without a camera!

My handy, take with me everywhere, tiny digital camera gave out on me! It is stuck open and is going to cost more than a new one to fix, so I am saving for a new REALLY nice digital. This Spring I am taking a photography class at the local community college. I've always wanted to do that and hope that this will get me out of the house a bit.

As my life journey continues on I have learned:

* I love to be a housewife, but I need to do things that "fill" me too.

*Cleaning is important but not "all that". There are more things to life then a "routine" of daily cleaning, maintenance, and planning.

*When I focus on C or anyone else to much I lose myself. Currently I feel invisible so I am working to change that by doing things that make my heart sing: Photography class, drawing class and attending a Winter Weave basket weaving 3day workshop near Cleveland in February, volunteering at our church's thrift shop.

*Turning 40 in two weeks can bring two choices...1) Whoa! I am starting a new chapter in my life! with Oh my gosh! Where has the years gone...what am I going to do with the rest of my life? OR 2) Yikes I'm turning 40! How did THAT happen!

It is fitting that the Lord has brought me to this point in my life now. With the Incarnation of Christ and meditating on His coming, I have been standing back and looking at me, my life and where I am with Him in my journey.

My current meditations: Perfect Love casts out ALL fear. This leaves me to ask Him what is this Perfect Love? How can I get it to sink from the head to the heart? He is working on me, slowly, in a way only I will know. But for today, He asks me to be quite and come to spend time with Him so He can tell me how much He loves me. {smile}

I wish you a Merry Christmas and may God's peace be upon you~


Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

I know what it means to turn 40. I'm 44. I enjoyed your comment about the importance of doing things that make your heart sing. Happy Birthday early and enjoy your basket weaving workshop. I ran across your blog by searching for basket weaving.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Hope you and yours had a most blessed Christmas, Dee! We are keepin' on keepin' on. As always, much going on here. Too much for a comment, and too personal for the blog. Know what I mean? Suffice it to say, HE must be our all in all.