Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Houston, We have pictures!!!

I am so excited. Yeah, I took long enough! So here is a trial run of downloading my first picture from my new camera. And of who else? My baby girl, Molly! She was caught and was too tuckered out to get up when I came down the stairs.


Susan D said...

It's about stinkin time!!!! lol and all we get is ONE?!?!?!?!! I'm thinkin you've had four weeks to play with that new camera. Where's pics of your hubby? The snow? Spring? wait....what? It isn't spring there yet? oh, sorry. it hit close to 80 here yesterday...but back down to 40 today. The trees are tinged w/color, daffodils are blooming....I love spring. Miss you. Blessings, Susan

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Good to hear from you!!!! Hope all is well, but no worries. Spring is here! (tho from the looks and feel, the weather is not cooperating!)

Judy M said...

Hi Dee,
This is Judy in California. What a wonderful surprise to get your card and the pictures.
And what a even bigger surprise to hear about Danielle. Congratulations our love to her and we wish her the very best in all her tour and where ever she may be in her travels ans we know that God will be with her always.
She sure isn't that little girl that loved to stomp on big bugs. Sge has grown inti a beautiful young lady following in her dad's footsteps. Please when you talk with her, tell her we send her many hugs and love. How proud you two must be. Jim & I are just fine. And we have a new addition to our small family. He's a 7 month old male Boxer / Sharpei mix.
Please pray for Jim to have more patience with him. I keep praying that he will soon grow out of his chewing stage.I know he is still a puppy (35 lbs) and eventually he will stop but for Jim it isn't coming fast enaough. I am still working for the newspaper, not ready to retire as of yet. Yucca Valley has grown, and like everywhere, the economy has had its
downs here. It will get better though. Enjoy your camer.....I have a Digital Canon EOS Rebel XT and I love it.
Well I will stop for now, this is my email address.....
Please send me yours if you have one. Our love to Chris, Danielle, Kim and of course you.
Love, Judy