Saturday, April 18, 2009

Graduation Day!!

We made it to Family Day on Thursday and Graduation on Friday. Kim (Danielle's older sister) flew in late Thursday night. It was great to have both the girls together. Here are some pics, I took to many to post so I will post a few to share. Danielle and Kim drove back with us to Ohio and Kim flew out on Easter. We've had a busy week and as I write Danielle is packing to fly out tomorrow. Next destination: more training in N.C. for the next 3 mths.
I am so grateful a good friend of mine is picking her up at the airport and helping her get all her seabags, etc to the base. Thank you Kim!!

That's all for now. Oh, Sand Flies! in SC at Parris Island. If you ever want to know about them ...don't ask! and be grateful!!! These little buggers actually made it into the museum (as a cartoon) on base. The cartoon depicts them with "iron" teeth. I will just leave it at that!

Hope you enjoy the picture's of Pvt. B. Danielle Peterson:

This was the M.O.T. run (motivational run) at 7 am Thursday morning. Check out the grin!
Danielle's platoon and senior drill instructor, yikes!!
Pvt. B. Danielle Peterson
Her platoon got the trophy for Final PFT, Final Drill...big accomplishment. You go girl! (or should I say girls!)
So, this door has a rich tradition in the Corps. Only recruits can go in it. No one else, for any reason. There are doors on the side for everyone else. Danielle has graduated now and can't enter them. Here you have one retired Marine, after 20 yrs, and one brand spankin' new one..Love ya both!

Danielle's platoon doing a "Pass by" on the parade deck.

Sisters, a bond that can never be broken.

"The" handshake of congrats.

Once off base she wanted to stop at the first place we could so she could change. Hence the Burger King bag. NOT my choice! She got to make her first call and first french fries in 13 weeks. Keep in mind, no phone, no computer, no male contact, no stores, no off base for 13 weeks. Marine training...only the best for our country! (So I'm partial, give me a break!)

God's peace,

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