Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ruthless Spring cleaning

Call it Spring fever, call it "tired of my home in dis-array" or call it what you will, but I had had it. I took a week and a half of (yes I DO work, I am a full time housewife!). I went to my husband and told him my plan: No walking, no daily mass, no anything until I got the chaos and clutter under control in our home. About this time he raised his eyebrow, and I responded "Ok I'll make sure we have food and there MAY be clean clothes in the basement, but not ironed :-)

He agreed. So off I went, full speed for days. From 8am to 5pm - the Mount Vernon method. I started on the right from my front door and went through EVERY space, drawer, cupboard and cabinet until it was emptied out, cleaned out and only a select few made it back in. Ah! the serenity of order and peace. Now I KNOW what is in each drawer and cabinet, I don't have to go on a wild goose chase with my husband to find something.

Well, 5 days into it I couldn't keep my eyes open past 8pm, so hubby and I agreed it's time to back down. I am glad. Most of it is done. I'm working upstairs and would like to finish that with the same vigor, but the Lord gave me this message: all good things are done in time. Not with rushing. So, I will do what I can in the frame of my normal daily routine.

Now the exciting part. In this decluttering mode, after a year of praying, we decided to sell our large side by side frig and get a smaller one. Mainly because our home, built in 1929, doesn't have the frig "space" for a larger, 2000, version. The day I went to go shopping and start price checking, I was talking to a friend who I buy eggs from. Fresh, farm raised eggs. Oooh, with bright orange yolks. Okay, enough drooling. Anyways, Roxanne and I were talking about my latest adventure about a frig and we came up with the idea to trade! She could use a bigger one, especially freezer space and I needed smaller and already have a deep freezer in the basement. Hence...I got a new frig, and so did she. :-)

Out with the old...

In with the new..

So, this week I am concentrating on finalizing clutter in the office and linen shelves while getting back to the joys of routines. Tomorrow, Laundry and House blessing day along with shred the mile high mountain of papers.

Decluttering and paring down your home always brings about peace. If you can't do like I've done, and I realize the Lord has blessed me with the time and ablity to do that, you CAN take it one day at a time. Start with a list of all the things bothering you. Break it down by room, then break it down to the top thing to accomplish that day, then the next. Don't get to far ahead, remember...If you ever want to see God laugh, make plans. When I am addressing my list in each room, I tend to mark A B C for Monday, then when Monday is done, A B C for Tuesday. That way if things come up, like Molly has an eye infection so off to the vet we go, it won't mess up a whole week's worth of plans.

My home is coming together, finally. After almost 2 years I am able to settle in. I think we are staying for a bit, at least until the Lord says otherwise.

May God's peace be upon you,

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Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Hi Dee, Thank you so much for the comments you left about Emergency Prepardness on my Comfortable Cottage Living blog. It's nice to meet you too! Seems we have much in common. Remember though, going to daily mass can give us the extra strengeth we need to get through all this spring cleaning! I don't make it to daily mass, but try to get there one extra time in the middle of the week. I like the Organizer Lady too. Sounds like you were doing well with the Mt. Vernon method. You mentioned basket patterns. Did you make it to my other blog and see the couple of free patterns I have posted on the left hand side of it? www.basketmasterweavings.blogspot.com
Anyway, I appreciate the tips you gave with regards to emergency prepardness. We never know what tomorrow will bring. I'm looking forward to reading more in your blog. Have a blessed day.