Wednesday, October 07, 2009

In the moment

Have you ever gone through the whole day only to find yourself looking back and wondering where it went? I do. The Lord is showing me a lot about staying in the moment and reminding me of who's in control. NOT ME that's for sure. My moments turn into hours and turn into days, all with thinking ahead or thinking of what needs to be done later...or sadly, what I want in a situation or event.

The more I am practicing the art of staying in the moment, and I do believe it is an art, the more I am seeing how much of my thoughts are "future" based. And how humbled I am that I know nothing, can do nothing, and do not know what's best for anyone or anything. That is God's area of expertise :-)

I pray for the grace to be more aware of my own motives and thinking that I may rest in His peace and freedom that I know is promised. I just have to let go.


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