Saturday, October 31, 2009

Off Road Crawling

You will never guess what we did yesterday. Chris has 4 days off, Fall Break, and a friend just got a Land Rover and wanted to go try it off road. He used to go way back when, and we talked to him about when Chris would go with his dad, and I shared when I used to go...way back when. We have gone a few times in our 17 yrs of marriage but not that often. So we packed lunches, first aid kits, sand, wood, shovels and walkie talkies and off we went. I will let you see the pictures to decide if we had fun. I will just say, I WALKED down the first hill. After aquiring wabbly legs, I rode the rest of the time. It was a bit muddy since we had rain a few days before and I didn't want to end up looking like our truck!

Chris drove down first. No, he crawled slooowwlly down.

Our friend Drake and his daughter Madison. Crystal stayed home with their other girls, and she is 5 mths pregnant. Off roading is not condusive to pregnancy, she says "more power to ya!"

Drake working his way down. If you follow the road you will see our truck...wwaaaayy down there. Yep, that's the road I walked. So, Chris walk part way up to "visit" with to forestry guys cutting back some trees. They said "these were pretty nice vehicles to be out here. That they had seen a lot of things...oh look that woman is walking it. Never seen that before!" Ha! Now ya have!

All I can say is no we didn't drive it, but I had to take a picture. Click on it to read the sign.

We went through and then I hoped out to get this of Drake. I am hoping to get a copy of the picture Madison took of us. Let me just say, that water was so STINKY. And now it's all over our truck. YUCK!

Drake got airborne with one tire. He made it over just fine. Thank goodness for 4WD.

The last bits of fall colors here.

Chris and I by our beloved truck. This truck has been all over the states. We bought it 17 yrs ago and it even, by the grace of God and lots of Angels surrounding us, kept us out of a potential nasty accident in NM. We still can hardly believe we didn't hit anyone or anything. Only God can do that! And protects us while we traps around in God's country, how cool is that!

This is our friend Drake and his daughter Madison. She's a nature girl like me so it was neat to see her have a good time. During our lunch break she made a head piece out of various flowers and leaves. So creative!

How cool! With some wracked nerves here and there, and an occasional rock that tried to prevent us from going anywher (notice I said tried) we had a great time.



SusanD said...

Great pictures. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Farmgirl Cyn said...

It has been ages since we have "visited" Dee! How ARE you guys?