Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Grow garden, grow..

I am late in posting pictures of my garden this year, and it's funny to me that people are saying "I haven't seen any pic's of your garden? What's up?" Well...I'm gardening, LOL. Really though, just busy. With adding in basket making in my week and MAJOR decluttering and looking at my habits that make the clutter...I have been busy. Here are a few recent one's:
We done some updates since last year. Recovered the ground and finally added cedar bark. It smells great when it rains, and helps with bugs. A few stepping stones are added too. (The gate I brought from my garden in GA. C made it for me :-)

On the right I have two kinds of green beans growing: Lazy Housewife (what can I say) and a purple kind that turns green when cooked. The garlic is already pulled. Next to the green beans is peas...which are dying quickly because of the heat.

On the right is two kinds of heirloom tomatoes, carrots, onions, herbs: sage, oregano, basil, then some lettuce - 2 kinds which are about done, and sunflowers. Huge sunflowers.. they will grow to 7 ft and the heads will get 12 inches across. Just looking at the picture and what they are today they have already grown another foot. I had planned on potatoes in the space on the left, but my organic red potato didn't sprout. Oh well. Next time. Gardening is suppose to be fun, not stressful! If it's stressful, why are you doing it?

Here are my first fruits, early last week. I was eating the parsley while I was picking. Parsley is soo good for you, especially as a tea.

Other than my Serenity space above, I have been recouping from 2 weeks of bumps in the road...or journey. Literally. Two weeks ago I was in an accident. Someone ran a stop sign right here at the end of my street. God in His awesome power, protected me from serious injury. I saw him cross the white line at the stop sign and I pressed on the brakes, then thought"he has the stop sign" so I kept going. Slam!! my L front tire smushed in!! If I wouldn't have braked, that would have been my door!!

So, then 1 week later, I was hurrying (is that a word? today it is!) down the stairs to get the phone. In socks. On wood stairs. Yikes. Bump, bump, bump, bump. That's for the last 4 stairs I hit going down. My right, um, bum, took the brunt. I have a black line that looks like the stair tried to cut my muscle in half. I haven't been able to drive since last Thurs, the pressure to sit back sends me through the roof. My right arm got the next bit. Though the raspberry is healed the underlying bruise is slow to heal. I am grateful, even in this event. Sometimes it takes dramatic things for me to get the point. A) slow down...what are you in a hurry for Dee? I have a quote I've added to my signature on my email "Nature doesn't hurry, yet all things are accomplished" from a tea bag tag years ago. Today, I am living by that. and B) I think God wants me to spend some time just being. No car, and unable to drive...for now.

All things have a season. This is my season to contemplate on the awesomeness and mercy of God....and exactly how powerless I am!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Good to hear from you, Dee! The garden looks great! Mmm...I have so much basil right now, I can hardly keep up with it!
Too bad about the "accidents"...but it does force one to slow down, eh?

Dianne said...

Just found your blog while 'blog hopping', and loved it! Hope you don't mind if I "follow" you. I'm not a cyber-stalker, I promise!!