Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's pickin's

The herbs are fresh: some parsley, basil, oregano, and sage. The lone carrot was an oops.

Howdy! Here's a glimpse of today's pickin's. We are eating the harvest as quick as it comes in. I suppose that's good, though I have hopes to have enough to last a few months. But it is so yummy! The peas have been eatin before they even make it in the house...they are so sweet.

So, check out the purple beans. These are soo cool. They grow purple, but when cooked turn green and you never even know the difference. :-) Something fun for me, yet not funky for the husband! :-) Gotta love the folks at Territorial Seed for that one.

Going to try to freeze the basil. Last year I dried it and it lost so much flavor. I had to take out 2 sunflower plants. The carrots and onions were getting too much shade. And the tomatoes got a haircut and a discussion about living in your own "hula hoop" as I call living in your own space.
Every year I am amazed at what the garden teaches me. I have learned the corralation in the Bible between a garden and our soul. The weeds, well, can you guess. Those are those character defects that pop up and keep us from living God's will. The harvest that must be maintained, is just that...maintained, nurtured, watered, fed. The seed that God made is what grows. He makes it grow. There is nothing I can do, no dance, no amount of finger shaking, no "discussions" about who is in who's space that can make the tiny seed itself grow. Now, don't get me wrong, I know about watering, nurturing, tending, cutting back, etc. But the seed itself, He grows. He is the Master gardener. I am just the humble servent trying to tend to my own garden. Not yours. :-) So today, I live in my own hula hoop and try to keep the weeds out, while cutting back and nurturing so I will grow.

This is my typical Sunday morning breakfast, though this was extra special. Homegrown blueberries. YUM! They were tasty on top of my buckwheat waffle.

Check them out. My first blueberry harvest. In my hands it looked like a lot more. No matter, there gone now :-)

God's peace,


Dianne said...

Yummy! Purple beans?? I just today heard about purple cauliflower! I have been so excited about that, and plan to try to find some. Now I want purple beans, too!

Did you grow the blueberries? Are they difficult to grow? Our oldest daughter would love to grow blueberries.

dee gold said...

I hope I can start my own garden.God bless on yours!