Monday, February 02, 2015

Being a woman

Reflecting on the a scripture passage about Peter's mother-in-law, I saw how Jesus lovingly took this woman's hand and healed her. Her gift in return was serving Him.  It's her role or her calling if you will, in her life.  A very noble calling.

Woman was created as God's final creation.  Not because she is last. When an artist is creating, he will go through several very wonderful creations before he gets to the one He considers special.  God created the world, the animals, man, then finally woman and said "it is good."  He didn't create any more.  The pinnacle of creation, I have heard it called before.

Our dignity and honor as women have been sorely distorted by our culture today.  The slight change from thriving and loving being a woman to a fierce battle to show the world that we are equal.  I think it's more in the heart. Does your heart believe you are created with dignity...just because you breathe?  You were!  Just because you breath. Not because you got the job as the assistant bank manager, or the top designer, or because you can hold 3 jobs but because when you woke up this morning, you were breathing.  Our dignity as women has nothing to do with how clean our house is or  how well dressed we are.

It is a high calling to embrace being a woman and serving the Lord through others within this calling.  I don't think that this woman that Jesus healed or Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary or Mary's mom would have ran around ragged, overtired, stressed and always trying to "get more done" or do more than was outside what they accepted as their abilities.  I'm sure there was some of it, but not to the point of their health being sacrificed.

I believe the woman that Jesus healed from the fever, had faith in God.  She was a woman who knew God's promises, and His commands.   She spent time learning about Him.

As I look on my life today, and how different I am from the ways I was raised in, I see such a beauty and gift to live in femininity. The place from the heart that sees peace, charity and beauty and tries to bring that into the surroundings of her home and into her family.  This is what I aspire. Such models as these women in the Bible are an inspiration to women today.  Look at the heart.  See the simplicity and enjoy His love for you.


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