Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tea Party

Just over a week ago my 2 daughters organized a surprise tea party, my favorite thing to do!  Since my birthday was earlier in the week, and my husband had been sick, the party was on the weekend.  So everyone could come!  We had many types of tea, little sandwiches, fruit, treats and oh my! the "cake".  So I am gluten, dairy and 99% sugar free...except for tea parties!  They made everything that I could eat, and made the cake from chocolate biscotti's with a center piece called Hail Merry's cup.  IT was a chocolate & almond butter cup.  Oh, and it is so delicious and sweet we divided it amongst 8 people.  Teeny slices!

We all had old fashioned hats to wear, and we were all dressed nice.  It was an amazing day.  Pouring tea, chatting.  My husband sat at the table, while Kim's husband rested on the couch.  He has just had knee surgery.  His post on Facebook (from what I hear) was about how he had never seen girls get so into something like this and how neat it was to see the child in all of us.

Do you have something that make you happy inside?

Have a great day.

Peace to you,

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