Thursday, May 14, 2015


Baby foxes (or "kits")

I thought I'd share a cute picture of little visitors to our subdivision last night.  My husband and I were coming home and stopped to get the mail as we drove in.  When I looked over to my right, there in the ditch were these cute little mischief makers.  Hopping and pouncing on each other.  They hide in the ground but couldn't help popping up to see who we were.  Curiosity.  As I spoke softly to them their little ears just twitched back and forth very fast, I knew they could hear me.  We think they are living across the large pasture under an old barn.  This guess is because we saw kits (baby foxes) playing under and around the old barn on our way into town a few days ago.  Cute little ones.  They remind me to not take life so seriously. To have fun.


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