Friday, August 21, 2015

Planting Day

A peak into my garden.

Today is planting day for Fall.  I have tried planting by the moon for this garden season and I find it difficult to plant on the EXACT dates for the best harvest. Exact anything is always a challenge since God is the only one that can produce exact.  So, I have humbly learned that my strengths lay with "roughly" and let God handle the rest.

At least the seeds are in the ground!  Isn't this true with many areas of life?  For me as long as I DO IT. It doesn't have to be exact, just starting is half the battle.  This applies to many areas for me.  Like finishing decluttering 20 yrs of pictures.  That's for another post, but finishing is my challenge right now.  Also, jumping back into basket weaving.  I love the finished product, but carving out the time.  

Hmm. Sometimes the things I love and really want to do get put on that back burner.  In my prayer time this morning the words that came to my heart, after meditating on the woman who had the courage in the midst of the crowd to touch Jesus' cloak,  was action with faith.  Take action. DO something! and do it with Faith.  He needs something to work with.  We have to participate in some way rather than sit back on our laurels and wait for Him to work.  

Ha!! Here's a funny image. I can go and sit out in my garden and wait for God to grow something.  Keep in mind, this is a blank slate. No planting no anything.  Just soil.  And waiting.  Sitting back waiting for Him to answer my prayers.  I might be waiting a really long time. But, if I do SOMETHING.  Even if it's just dropping seeds on top, by His grace and choice there will be something that grows.  It may not be all of it, and it may not be what I want, but there will be plants that grow. 

Rather than waiting I can do something.  This is a beautiful reflection that correlates to my health recovery as well.  I can push myself daily past the point of exhaustion and develop all the cascade of symptoms, simply because I didn't take care of me.  I didn't rest, or chase out the negative thinking, or eat on time.  I just push and push.  Yet, I pray "please heal me God."  Please heal me.  Yet let me run around like a chicken with my head cut off all day and do ALL I want.  In the midst of that, please God heal me. 

Am I not doing the same action.  Not doing anything to help my healing, rather doing all the things that keep God from doing any work because I insist in my will being done through the day.  So, today I took 30 min, got my game plan and went to plant. And, today I will be practicing 2 rests a day so as to start with SOMETHING so I can heal.  So I can give Him fertile ground to work with, rather than being dog tired and mentally zipped out!

Today I got Kale, Collards, Peas, Broccoli, Turnips, Carrots, and fun radishes planted.  Some will grow into the early winter, some are an experiment to see how far I can push the growing season.  Hmm, pushing my limits :-)  Sounds like a pattern.

Happy garden day!


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