Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Peace in our Hearts

I am writing about a sensitive topic today.  I had the inspiration Monday, but the day got a way from me.  Upon hearing of the Supreme Court's decision on marriage, my first thoughts were "Oh Lord, what have we done!" Then "May God have mercy on us."  This, interestingly was the same thought of a beautiful young Catholic wife from "The Catholic Lady" blog. She writes: "May God have mercy on us! When people scorn biological truth, natural law and divine order to such an extent, surely we ask for the chastisement of the Divine Providence?!"

My mind started to wonder, far into the future and it scared me.  What, socially, will happen to our country. To families. To morals and etiquette.  The basic principles that founded our country. Then God spoke to me the same words as the title of her post: God's law trumps human law.  This gave me a huge sense of peace.  Yes we will have to go through many trials and tribulations because of this, but as a God fearing woman, I have to keep the reality closer to my heart than my fears. The reality that "God is over the just and the unjust" Mt 5:45.

So, it is not up to me to judge, it is not up to me to control, have a cow, jump up and down and scream, rant, or call others names.  My part, my part is to act the way I am taught.  With charity, compassion, love and peace in my heart.  Quietly.  Not loud like a gong.  For it is the quietness that we can hear God speak to our hearts.  It is in the quietness that seeds can be planted. And it is in the quietness that we are humbled to say "Not my will but Yours be done."

May God's peace reign in your heart.

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