Monday, April 04, 2016

Can't take it with you


I had the privilege last week of sitting in a meeting discussing turning over our will to God.  I found it interesting that my experiences to contribute were related to recent events of turning over a portion of our finances to my husband.  I have done them for years, given them to him, taken them back, and tried to spilt the responsibility.  This is a controlling aspect of mine.

It is not something I am proud of, but it is what it is.  The reason's why are not what is important for this post. What is important is the lesson I learned that night.

A man sitting across from me, in his sharing, spoke of is experience turning over his will to God and shared a financial stress in his life.   If wasn't until he realized we "can't take it with you" when we go, that God gave me a grace that has stuck in my heart.  I can't take our finances with us.  I won't be asked how well I managed our money, I will be asked how well I loved.

Can't take it with you.  How profound.  This immediately brought back memories of many years ago. I was dating my husband and had moved into my first house, rather than an apartment.  It was closer to the base where he was, but out in the boonies!  I was gone for the weekend when I had learned my answer machine was not working, we went to check it out.  My house had been broke into and they had stolen almost everything.

We came back a few days later with help to move out the rest, and it had been broken into AGAIN. The remixing items were just large furniture and odds and ends for kitchen stuff. All my clothes all my jewelry, all my christmas ornaments, shoes, dishes, everything...gone. Skis.  Blue suede cowboy boots (they were really cool!)

This happened before I knew who God was and Jesus, but a year or so later when my husband (boyfriend at the time) taught me about God and Jesus, I somehow understood the reasoning behind this incident.

I was to learn detachment from "stuff" and learn to keep my heart on Jesus.  The stuff....I can't take it with me.  It's pointless when I'm gone. Now, how I USE it while here, how I love others while managing my "stuff"...that's what IS important.

I am so appreciative of this fellow and his sharing.  It has reminded me of a lesson I have forgotten.  When we surround ourselves with the heirlooms, the valuables, the WOW this is the best view in Colorado!  It's easy for that quite place in our hearts to be pushed aside. Things take over our attention.

For me, I have remembered the lesson.  I can't take it with me.  So I willingly give a portion of the finances over to my husband.  I trust God will always provide and help me with my controlling tendencies.

Peace be with you~


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very good.

Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

Linda said...

This is wonderful! God will indeed bless you. It is so true that we cannot take it with us.