Saturday, August 13, 2016

Creating Beauty

Lately, as I am recovering from a chronic illness, I am finding I am slowly gaining energy and clarity.  I find I am looking for my interests, after 12 yrs of managing my health.  I will still have to continue managing my days, but it's much different now.  Now I have the energy to create!

I love to make something from nothing, so to speak.  Like scraps, or recycle or the hanks of reed I buy and create a basket.

Recently there is a book that has caught my eye.  It's called The Artist's Rule .  I am not really one to work through a book that has you different tasks each week, but the concept of this is interesting.

If I learned nothing else after the few chapters I've read it's this:
"The artist (part of you) speaks to that part of you which yearns for beauty and creativity. "

I love that! It makes me think of the beauty within us that wants out in some way.  We want to be beautiful (women naturally desire this), we want to create something beautiful.

I realized in my basket weaving I have created based on patterns and a mindset of "get it done".  I like basket weaving, but it doesn't always seem "beautiful" to me.  It's actually a bit messy, but fun.

Recently I popped over to a friends blog, Flower Lady  and when I saw the silk ribbon embroidery it was the definition of beauty from within that I was readying about.  She is so inspirational to me.

I have decided to hunt for a beginners silk ribbon embroidery kit and teach myself.  She told me once a couple years ago, if I can crochet I can do embroidery.  I think she has more confidence in me than I do.  I'll lean on that until I get going with it.

Have you ever seen embroidery with flowers and beads and just enjoyed how beautiful it is?

What is that part of you that longs for beauty?  Is it fresh flowers on your bathroom counter?   A creative way to make a centerpiece (challenge: from what you have!).  or is it trying your hand at what speaks to your heart?

Beauty is from God.  When we create something beautiful we are thanking Him in return.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes, a smile on my lips, joy to my heart, and thankfulness to my God who is awesome.

** "The artist (part of you) speaks to that part of you which yearns for beauty and creativity." **

**Beauty is from God. When we create something beautiful we are thanking Him in return.**

Thanks for the inspiration to keep creating from my heart, and YES you can do it.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Traditional Simplicity said...

I know you but just a little, but I just love you!! You ARE an inspiration to me.