Thursday, July 28, 2016

Old Fashioned

 Does anyone else notice what's wrong here? Sorry it's backwards :-)

Ok.  Call me old fashioned....or Traditional, but isn't there something wrong with this picture above?

I got this in the mail yesterday from a company that I won't use their name because that's not the point.  Look at each member of the family...during "family time".

What are these kids learning?  How is the couple keeping communication alive and their relationship?  How are the kids learning social and interpersonal skills?  Are they learning to take care of the home?  Are they learning how a daddy loves his daughters by spending time with them?

Are the girls growing closer together and learning to "be there" for each other later on in life?

All this is telling me is that each person has their own life (how lonely) and each person is not interested in what the other has to say, what their feelings are, what their interests are (besides electronics).

It seems very cold and unloving.

It's hard to go against the grain and not do what "everyone else is doing".  I know...believe me on many levels I know!  It's not easy.  When I choose different I have to hold to what I value...not what someone else is telling me I need to value.

Think of the example you set by holding on to Traditional ways of socializing.  Like picking up an actually phone to call a friend. The anticipation of waiting for a phone call.  The patience of knowing you missed a call or are waiting  for a call to be returned.

I have an older flip phone and have struggled many times over with whether to "update" my self and get a so called smart phone.  I really don't think they are that "smart".  I actually find more people frustrated that the phone or device does what it thinks you want it to as you are using it.  You spend more time trying to "undo" what IT did.  Sounds a bit like codependency to me.

We also don't have a cordless phone in the house. Yep! I have what I lovingly call a Piggy tail phone in the kitchen and in the back of the house.  We don't have Wi-FI in the house, and yes we have cords that go to my computer and my husbands work computer.

I won't go into all MY ways of doing things different.  I encourage all my family and friends to look at things in their life and how they may or may not be affected by the way "society expects" us to have or use certain things.  Or Dress, but that's another post.

Jesus teaches that we are to be different.  That others will know us by our Love.  Will these kids above know how and when to act on this Love that is offered to them?

**Note - I am not saying that smartphones are bad. My husband has one and we have used it in circumstances that I was grateful for it.  My point is having boundaries with devices or at least questioning motives behind using what ever it is.  The family pictured above really is losing valuable connection time, and I don't mean electronic connection. Please, take what you like a leave the rest.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Social media has taken the world over, and it will never be the same. Families aren't growing closer, only further apart.

I bought a smart phone because of the GPS to get me where I need to go and also have the thing in the first place in case of emergency when I'm out on the road. I don't take calls on it, and only text people when I'm stationary, mostly here at home. We had a simple flip-phone when my husband was still alive, and I needed to call him twice, once for an over-heated car, and the other time when I accidentally locked myself out of my car. It is nice to have when it is needed.

Everywhere you look people of all ages, etc. are on their cell phones constantly and that really is sad. It's like an addiction.

We live in a rat race, and it's scary. Times are growing even more hectic and chaotic, full of hatred, violence and unrest.

I need Jesus' strength to get me through each day, to fill my heart and mind with his peace and love.

Have a great upcoming weekend ~ FlowerLady

Traditional Simplicity said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with technology. It is scary what I see our grandchildren and children are experiencing. I pray people will see by example or the Lord will put on their hearts to stand back and look at the path they are on. Choose wisely, and you have so wonderfully shared.

I love the idea of having a smartphone but not getting incoming calls. Who would have ever thought? That teaches me of another way to handle media devices. Thank you so much.

Have a blessed weekend...hugs to you.