Friday, September 01, 2017

Being Creative in the kitchen

I have always enjoyed making do with what I have. It brings me such great joy.  
Today was no exception.  

My husband likes apple cinnamon muffins for breakfast and since Fridays are usually my baking/kitchen prep days, this was on my To Do List.  As I prepared the gluten free batter and already had the butter melted...I realized I had tossed my muffin pan a few weeks ago because it rusted.  I was so frazzled.  

We don't live close enough to town to just make a run, so I got on the internet to do some searching.  There are so many creative women and blogs out there that I just knew someone has run into the same situation. had the answer.

They suggested using the rings from your mason jars!  I got so excited because I just knew I had plenty.

I was so excited my husband came out of his office to ask what the commotion was.  Being that I had the butter melted and batter ready and no pan, I was upset.  But now!  Now I discovered a way to make do with what I have and it worked!!!

Check it out...

I like to use the brown parchment cups, as they don't stick with gluten free baking.

They came out beautifully. I am so grateful.  

There are days I just curse the internet because the ways things are set up to get you to "click", I get lost.  Way to easy.  

I am learning and trying to practice one of the Fruits of the Spirit, Self control.  I will save that for another post, but I will say, it's tough.  

Anyways. I hope you enjoy this little tip for being creative in the kitchen.  It was so much fun to try.

Wishing you Peace,

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