Saturday, July 13, 2019

Simpler life with out Prime

Desk Day is on Tuesdays, and is much simpler now. (Unsure where picture is from, I've had it for many years.)

Hello Ladies~

Today I am writing this post at my husband's request.  You see, several weeks ago I asked my husband to take me off of Amazon "prime".  He didn't want to cancel completely, but agreed.

This choice was because it has become way to easy to order and I was constantly blowing our budget. For what?  More stuff to find a place in our home and to manage. Well, no more. I took a stand against the draw and here is what I found.

I found that when you place an order online and choose the free option for shipping or the 5-7 day for  a few have to WAIT.

Waiting is not something that comes naturally for me.

After placing an order and feeling like it had been days, when really it was only 2 days, I got online to see where my "stuff" was.  I was impatient.  The feeling of wanting it now.  Of getting "stuff" instantly.  And then ordering again to fulfill that "click" desire that is never satified.

After 4 days, I was actually anxious. Where is my stuff?

Then after 7 days, when it came, I had come to a completely different place. Emotionally, and mentally.

I was remembering the days of placing orders via mail. When you send in a check.  I still do this, but not as my regular ordering process.

The patience had been restored and I actually longed for and was excited to get my package.

The whole experience has given me courage to stop using Prime and to enjoy the process of waiting. The peace. The ability to not purchase whatever I see and to stay in budget has been very rewarding.

Yes I pay shipping.  But I buy less and I buy with intention.  When the items get here, I know what I bought and where it is going to go.

Days past, I was buying so much that our budget meetings where more about ' what is $15.32 on 5/14?' and 'what is $74.67 on 5/17'.

I can say I've purchase 3 orders in the past month on Amazon and a few from direct companies like Vitacost and Vermont Country Store.

I hope sharing my experience helps someone else and maybe choose to just challenge yourself to find ways to help stay in budget.

Have a blessed weekend,

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