Monday, February 27, 2006

My garden helper!

I just love my garden helper, don't you? This is Molly our Boxer, not very amused that we put my floppy garden hat on her. We have much to do today to get my garden ready for planting this week. She does the digging and we fill the holes! (Not in the garden!)



Lulu said...

she is adorable

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

These pictures made me laugh. Your doggy has a lot of patience in allowing you to dress him like this. He looks very cute.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes you left for me. I had a lovely day. Enriched even more by all the greetings I received from my blogging friends.
It seems like we are in the grips of winter right now, we have a winterwonderland of snow out there.
My good wishes for much happiness this day. Hugs - Marion

Maggie Ann said...

Oh have a boxer! Thats great! My Mum and Dad had a boxer for years...I can't remember life at home without a boxer. My husband and I had one and he gave us alot of trouble. A handsome brute though. We ended up giving him away after he lifted his leg on the children's toys one time to many. I'm sure your Molly would not do a thing like that. She seems to be very good natured. Boxers are a beautiful dog.

berriehead said...

hahahah! OK I loove to dress up my dowg! and my cat use to be put in a dress every once in awhile! This photo made me laugh!