Monday, February 20, 2006

Tea Time Birthday

My birthday was in January but I have had trouble getting the pictures up here to share. Thanks to hubby and his computer knowledge I finally got them posted.

I decided to have a tea party with a few friends for my birthday this year. My dear husband took me to several antique stores and an estate sale so I could get all the teacups and plates I needed. Since I didn't have very much and we were on a tight budget, this was the best way..not to mention the most fun. He even got into looking for teacups and teapots for me. When I found a cup/saucer I liked - I enjoyed to imagining who the women were that may have shared a cup of tea with a friend. We had so much fun.

Toasting to friendship!Each person got to choose their tea cup! My Grandma on my Dad's side made the table cloth many years ago!
Ohh, the scrumptious food! I got the idea of the flowers in the teacup from a tea magazine. Homemade scones, canoli's and thumbprint cookies (thanks to a woman who loves to bake sweets). The silver tongs on the table is my "find". They are true silver serving tongs, one side is flat and the other is bent for a bit of a grip...guess how much? $3 with some bargaining!



HomemakerAng said...

this looked like so much fun! what a great idea for a birthday time. I love the tea-cups and the desserts look delicious (i have a large sweet tooth) Happy Birthday too!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Belated birthday wishes!
What a lovely tea party you arranged. I love the idea of seeking out the tea cups, that must have been great fun and your thoughts about their previous owners as you were drinking from them, Lovely! Marion

FarmgirlCyn said...

The food and the fellowship look yummy! Happy belated birthday!

ps. let me know if you have a bread machine, and I will give you my w.w. roll recipe! if you don't have one, no problem...I will give you a recipe that doesn't need a machine

Lulu said...

oh wow, how fun...Love the tea cups..i colect them, although i only have 3...
Very lovely and looks like everyone enjoyed the day..

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful tea party! I've enjoyed seeing the pictures.