Wednesday, April 26, 2006

10 simple pleasures part2

Here is the rest of my 10, I got busy yesterday. I hope you who read this join in on posting your "10". Please post a comment here to let me know, I would love to share them with you.

6. Giving a hug.

7. Mmmmm, having my husband massage my scalp, and brush my hair. (I've usually had long hair and this feels so good at the end of the day.)

8. The "Click Clack" of a railroad train going across the tracks.

9. Old barns and antique stores out in the country (They're the best kind, you never know what you will find!)

10. Seeing sprouts popping up in my garden! Whoa!

In the spirit of a "tag" I am posting those I know. So ...Tag:
Reflections Through the Seasons
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berriehead said...

Hey! I see your pleasures! very similiar to mine:o) oh yeah a scalp massage ooooh la laaaaa those are fabulous! Have a good weekend!

HomemakerAng said...

oh, i just saw my name on here! so sorry! i will do this on my blog in a dayish

Zoanna said...

I, too, just saw this today. Wow, I feel honored to be included. So, 10 things. Just 10 pleasures? I have so many! God is so good to bless in the smallest ways, it's no wonder. I'll give this some thought and post soon. I, too, love blueberry muffins, old barns, and the "click-clack" on railroad tracks. Although, I am paranoid to cross RR tracks. My cousin was riding her horse at age 16 and both were struck and killed by a train on the tracks. But I love the sound of it!