Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Musings from a Homemaker

As I drove home tonight from a meeting that's 45 minutes away, I was ponder the idea of A)asking the Lord "what's the next thing you want me to do" and using that for a foundation for my day, and B) using a planner/schedule to help me structure my day so I have a routine. I am still trying to develop a routine.

A friend told me once she never uses a planner, she allows God to work through her and do "the next thing". I've done that....once....one day. I did get things done I never would have imagined. But I tend to need structure, no, routine, to ensure I really get things done and don't dilly dally my day away. I know to much structure leads me to get frustrated when I get behind, and I have learned that God laughs at our plans and He is in all the changes we didn't plan during our day.

So I as I continue pondering these, would you share what your thoughts are?



HomemakerAng said...

go to govideocodes.com and then i put the #2 in the bottom of my template settings in blogger

hope you are well! having a teaparty tonight (1st one that people called and requested) we are excited, dressing in old-fashioned clothes etc. i will post pictures after tonight


Zoanna said...

I'm like you, needing a plan, a routine, to stay on track, but I am seldom a slave to my planner because of laziness I think (hence the need for the planner to start with). Some people, and I admire them, have a sense of direction and stick-to-itiveness that allows them to accomplish the same things I do in half the time. I think it's personality. I don't think God cares whether we write them down or not, as long as we go to Him and be willing to accept divine interruptions. Those are my 2 cents on the matter.