Monday, February 05, 2007

Destination-New Orleans

Our hotel, Bourbon Orleans, is on the left and the Cathedral is smack dab in the middle!
Chris & I at breakfast, it was very tasty.
Bourbon Street sign. All the shudders on the buildings are all originals. The locals just shut them and locked 'em up when the hurricane came. Things used to be built so well.

This was neet, I hope you can click on it to read it. Couldn't get the house, my back was to a fence.

This is the inside of the St. Louis Cathedral. The altar is in the front and the images on top are awesome, painted in gold.

My dear sweet husband brought me with him last week when he had to go to New Orleans for a couple of days. I was so excited to go, mainly to get away from all my daily "duties" at home and give me a chance to work on creating my menu's. I've been working on a 4 week menu of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners and greatly enjoyed the quiet time in the hotel room to work on the winter menu's. Chris went to his meetings and I worked at our hotel room. As a homemaker I see my work as things like the menu planning and making sure our meals are nutritional balanced.

We got to stay at the Bourbon Orleans, which is right in the heart of the French Quarter. Yep! It was an interesting and scary night life. Gratefully Mardi Gras was not going on. The cool part was if I stood at the front door of the hotel and looked to my left, the St. Louis Cathedral was right there. So, I got to go to daily mass on Thurs and Fri. It was awesome. I'll post some of those pictures too.

We got to eat traditional cajun red beans and rice. Whoa! Spicey spicey! But awesome. The day we left we had breakfast at this quant little restaurant called Petunia's. My omlete covered my whole plate. We mostly ate in the hotel room (shh). I brought food and a single burner, and an electric teapot. Hence, I could still spoil my husband by making him (us) breakfast each morning and me lunch. He was like a little kid, sitting there in the hotel room with a hot breakfast and his Bible on the table. What a blessing for me.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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