Sunday, February 25, 2007

Loveliness Fair ~ Baking

I have ran across a wonderful group of ladies that participate in what's called a Loveliness Fair. This one is hosted by Cheryl at

My story to share is Baking failures I can laugh about now! It happened almost 17 yrs ago on Thanksgiving when my husband and I were dating. We decided to invite several families over, since he is active duty and most military families don't have "family" nearby. I didn't grow up cooking and had never cooked anything beyond mac-n-cheese and Jiffy blueberry muffins. If it didn't go in the microwave I didn't cook it.

So, it was a cold Thursday morning and we had a lot of baking to do. Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, rolls, Turkey, Ham, and all the fixin's. Yep, pies on the same day...I used to think I was super woman (still do sometimes). We got up at 6am to start the baking. The last pie I did was Pecan and it did not set right. I felt discouraged and re-reading the directions, I thought I had followed them exactly and figured "oh it will set when it cools". I couldn't put it back in the oven because the turkey had to go in. The next thought was "Put it in the fridg., that will make it cold and it will set." So I opened the door to put it in and laughed, no room. "Now what! I know, I'll put it in the garage, it's cold in there!" So I put it in the garage hoping it would set by the time we had dessert.

Several hours later, we were gathering all the pies and desserts. I remembered the Pecan, so I went to go get it. I felt excited because Pecan Pie is my husband's favorite, no, it's the only pie he eats. As I went to get the pie out of the garage, I just stood there and wanted to cry. It was still soup!!! I carefully brought it in and everyone laughed, except Chris. He just smiled, gave me a hug and poured some Pecan "soup" in a bowl to eat it. LOL! He is so sweet. We all ended up laughing, I had heard many other Thanksgiving horrors as others tried to cheer me up. I am grateful for their kindness. Rest assured, today when I make Pecan Pie, I follow the directions exactly...and pray a lot while it's baking!

God's peace,

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