Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Aren't they silly!

My family celebrates father's day with a big breakfast and the day doing what Dad wants to do. This morning we had homemade rolls (Thanks Farmgirlcyn! and gravey from scratch, eggs and bacon. Then he went down to the neighbors to finish some work on a pair of Adirondak chairs they are building for us. Later church and now we just had a great big lunch. Grilled steaks, with grilled sweet potato chips and seasoned green beans. This afternoon is going to be a lazy time, he is putting the final coat of sealant on our chairs and we may head over to a friends house for a bit.

I would like to wish my husband a Happy Father's Day. He has always been the sound balanced one when things get rocky in our home. {How does he stay so calm?!} He is the man who has set a steadfast example to my 2 step-daughters of what a man should be like, and always shown them how much he loves them even when they've not been very angelic. I am so grateful to see their relationship with him grow through the years. I love you Chris! May God grant you many years of blessings.

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