Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our move is set!

Praise God! We survived my husband's retirement ceremony (from active duty Marine Corps) on the 24th of May, a graduation on the 26th of May and now we are on to the move. We are moving to Steubenville OH the end of the month. Excitement, anxiousness and a bit of stress are in the air here in the Peterson home.

We are excited because this has been a God thing since before we even knew Steubenville was an option in our places to go list. Excited to see, what does God have in store for us? What is this town like? Then the anxiousness kicks in...what in the world are we doing? We don't know anyone there (family is in N.M.). What work is going to need to be done on the house to get it up to where we would like it to be? Where do I go grocery shopping? You know, I think change is good for me. I get in a routine and sometimes a rut and don't know it. God throws something out there for me and I freak out until I see that it's ok and He has me by the hand and will not let go. The gentleness and love I feel when I let my feelings calm down and see God has a plan and I just need to be obedient, it's awesome.

We just closed on our home up there. This is our first purchase. Quite stressfull I might add, when you don't have a realtor that is, umm, very knowledgable. But, this is the house God had for us. We prayed, ALOT, before we found this one and even afterwards asking for signs if this is it. Praying for roadblocks if it's not. None of that happened. Besides a few hitches with the sellers and the bank forgetting to do our paperwork (oh that's a whole nother story..no rave!) all went well. I haven't seen it but my husband went up to see it and go through it with our home inspector. He loves it and thinks I will too. I'm excited.

I think I'm more excited because he told me he was going to carry me across the threshold. .

I will post a picture later, but pray for us in this transition. My husband will be attending college full time, and my step daughter wants to go to the same school so we are working on that too. Two family members in the same school.

Ohh, better go get dinner started...I sure can carry on when I'm excited!

God's peace.

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

Ya know, Dee, Ohio isn't THAT far from Michigan! And you DO have the internet. A whole new world awaits you! (Look for a Trader Joe's in the area! A grocery storre filled with organics and other good stuff!)
You are right...change is good.